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Edition date: July 2, 2008

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Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

BCD Events
July, August, September 2008

July 29: BCD Regional Forum in Medford, OR

Board meetings
July, August, September 2008

July 2: Residential Structures Board

July 24: Electrical and Elevator Board

August 6: Building Codes Structures Board

August 15: Oregon State Plumbing Board

September 9: Board of Boiler Rules

September 10: Mechanical Board

September 11: Manufactured Structures & Parks Advisory Board

September 25: Electrical and Elevator Board

Contact a Code Chief

Dennis Clements
- Chief Electrical Inspector
- 503-378-4459

Ron Crabtree
- Chief Elevator & Amusement Ride Inspector
- 503-378-3866

Albert Endres
- Manufactured Structures Chief
- 503-378-5975

Mike Graham
- Chief Boiler Inspector
- 503-373-7499

Richard Rogers
- Structural Program Chief
- 503-378-4472

Terry Swisher
- Chief Plumbing Inspector
- 503-373-7488

News Updates - July 2, 2008

BCD and Green Building

In response to a growing need for the Building Codes Division to be knowledgeable and aware of special needs of high performance building that is energy efficient and conserves the environment – Green Building, they have created a new section called Green Building Services. Learn more about this new section of the division.

New Addition to BCD Web Site

BCD has added a new page on their Web site posting jurisdiction fee changes. This is one more arena for local governments to let the public know about changes in their building permit fees. Check it out! We are developing fillable forms for jurisdictions to use to make the fee change disclosure requirements even easier to complete.

Consistent Fee and Forms Rule

The division, with the assistance of a Consistent Forms and Fees Committee, has developed a uniform methodology for determining permit fees throughout the state. Municipalities have until January 1, 2009 to bring their fees into compliance with the new rules, which are modeled after the Tri-County methodology. The methodology provides predictability for customers and will assist contractors calculating bids. Another addition to the BCD Web site is the new Consistent Fee and Forms Rule page. This page gives you links to the rule and information about the rule and the forms.

Moisture Content Acknowledgment Requirements

The 2008 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC) requires contractors to provide written acknowledgment of the moisture content of wood framing members to the local jurisdiction. Confusion has risen over the enforcement of this provision, causing disruption of construction projects. The division has adopted a temporary rule to clarify and simplify the compliance process and ensure construction projects are not disrupted until the division adopts a permanent rule. The division has also adopted a standard form for use in compliance with this standard.

Access to BCD Online Courses

We keep telling you about new Web pages and here is one more. We have created an archive page for the code-change online training BCD has been doing as a pilot project. The information in these courses is beneficial and can be a great reference when you have questions about the different codes. The archive will make available all the online courses BCD provides in the future.

Regional Services

BCD regional forum
Medford, July 29, 2008

The Building Codes Division is hosting a regional forum in Medford at the Jackson County Public Library on July 29 th from 3-6 pm. As the first in a series of statewide regional forums, the agenda is focused on the residential building code. The forum features BCD structural chief Richard Rogers, Department of Energy analyst Brady Peeks and Medford architect Mark McKechnie. The discussion will include key issues/concerns on the new residential code, renewable energy tax incentives, green building design and conclude with a block of time for questions and answers from the audience. Building department staff, contractors and design professionals should find this a valuable dialogue.


QuickPermits keeps growing

QuickPermits (BuildingPermits.Oregon.gov) continues to generate interest from building departments and contractors around Oregon. QuickPermits allows jurisdictions to offer non-plan review permits on-line. In the first six months of 2008, 9656 permits were sold in 20 jurisdictions totaling $996,085.54.

The city of Junction City in Lane County is currently in the testing phase and several other jurisdictions have completed more than half of the process.

State staff from the Building Codes Division and DCBS are available to travel to your jurisdiction to assist with all phases of joining QuickPermits. So if you’ve been thinking about offering this service in your jurisdiction call Dave Galati, Regional Program Services Manager at 503-373-7319.

Our brochure about QuickPermits is available on our web site at: http://www.bcd.oregon.gov/online_permits_project/4787.pdf

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