Edition: Vol. 01, No. 02
Edition date: July 16, 2008

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Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

BCD Events
July, August, September 2008

July 29: BCD Regional Forum in Medford, OR

Board meetings
July, August, September 2008

July 2: Residential Structures Board

July 24: Electrical and Elevator Board

August 6: Building Codes Structures Board

August 15: Oregon State Plumbing Board

September 9: Board of Boiler Rules

September 10: Mechanical Board

September 11: Manufactured Structures & Parks Advisory Board

September 25: Electrical and Elevator Board

Contact a Regional

Wendy Beard
Cell: 503-910-9243

Michael Morter
Cell: 503-507-7858

Michael Morter
Cell: 503-507-7858

Tim Lindsey
Cell: 541-306-1126

Jerod Broadfoot
jerod.a.broadfoot@state.or.us Cell: 541-240-1256

Manager, Regional Program Services
Dave Galati
Cell: 503-798-7581

News Updates - July 16, 2008

Two new alternate methods for water conservation
systems and rainwater collection

The Building Codes Division has approved two new water conservation methods. Oregon joins a small group of states, including California, Washington, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii that are working toward allowing builders and homeowners to install wastewater conservation systems. The new plumbing alternate methods deal with rainwater harvesting for both potable and non-potable water, and wastewater conservation systems. Wastewater conservation systems are one of many design options used in green building.

Informational meeting Web page

The Building Codes Division periodically holds informational meetings in order to receive public input and brainstorm ideas relating to the issues before the division. This Web page contains records of the informational meetings. Samples of meetings you would find records for on this page are net metering and interconnection public meetings, residential fire sprinkler hearings, and other meetings that are not board/committee meetings or rulemaking hearings. You will find meeting notices, video archives of the informational meetings and any other meeting records.

Surcharge clarifications

Everyone knows about the additional 4% surcharge as of Jan.1 on all building permits in Oregon, but what exactly does that mean? When is the surcharge applied and to what fees? BCD has put all this information into a two-page information sheet. Use this information sheet as a reference for surcharge questions.

Questions about consistent fees and form formulas

BCD has discovered that wording can mean everything. When it comes to the information about the consistent fees and forms rule, the title is confusing some. We want everyone to understand that fees and fee schedules will continue to be set by the jurisdiction. This does not mean fees will be consistent throughout the state. What it does mean is that fees throughout the state will be calculated using the same formula, part of this formula (when calculating structural fees) being the ICC valuation table.

OSBEELS staff must consult board before offering
advice or issuing an interpretation

The division has continued to hear concerns and questions regarding implementation of the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying (OSBEELS) statement related to design of fire protection systems. Because the division is without authority to interpret engineer license scope of work issues, many of these questions must be referred to OSBEELS. The division has been made aware that OSBEELS staff is limited to providing advice on issues upon which the board has previously provided guidance. This has meant that many jurisdictions have been unable to obtain guidance and are uncertain how to implement the new standard. The division has recommended that jurisdictions implement the OSBEELS statement to the extent that clear guidance has been provided and seek additional information from OSBEELS where appropriate. The June 27 memo provides additional background.

Statewide code interpretation on hazardous exhaust systems

The BCD has, at the request of the state fire marshal's office, released a statewide code interpretation of 2007 OMSC Section 510 regarding motor and fan requirements for hazardous exhaust systems. The interpretation provides that Section 503 sets standards for the types of motors and fans used in a hazardous exhaust system governed by Section 510. An example of the applicable standards of Section 503 includes the interlocking requirement of Section 503.1. When designing a hazardous exhaust system, it's extremely important to apply both sections.

Regional Program Services

New regional coordinator
The Regional Program Services team within the BCD is proud to announce that Ms. Wendy Beard has joined our staff as regional coordinator for the northwest Oregon region, encompassing the Portland metropolitan area, and including Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah, Columbia, Clatsop, and Tillamook counties.

Wendy comes to thse BCD with a strong background in private and public sector management, marketing, policy coordination, and stakeholder outreach and communications. She was a national program manager for over 11 years at Intel Corporation, specializing in personal computer sales, training, certification, and organizational development.


City and county managers show interest in Quick Permits
The benefits of the existing Quick Permits system and eBuildingPermits system (which is still "under construction") were presented to the City and County Managers Association on July 10 in Cottage Grove at their annual meeting. The managers seemed excited about the idea of speeding up the permitting process.

State staff from DCBS assigned to BCD's ePermitting system continue to work with those building departments across Oregon that have expressed an interest in offering their customers permit services over the Internet.

Current participants in Quick Permits and those who join in the next 2-3 months will have the opportunity (if they choose) to be amongst the first to move to the new system.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Dave Galati at 503-373-7319.


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