Edition: Vol. 01, No. 11
Edition date: November 19, 2008

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Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

BCD Events
November, December 2008

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Board meetings
November, December 2008

November 20: Electrical and Elevator Board

December 2: Board of Boiler Rules

December 3: Mechanical Board

December 19: Oregon State Plumbing Board

Public meetings and hearings

December 16 - Rulemaking hearings:

9:30 a.m. - Division window label program administration

10:00 a.m. - Exemption from engineering requirements


Contact a Regional Coordinator

Wendy Beard
Cell: 503-910-9243

Michael Morter
Cell: 503-507-7858

Michael Morter
Cell: 503-507-7858

Tim Lindsey
Cell: 541-306-1126

Jerod Broadfoot
jerod.a.broadfoot@state.or.us Cell: 541-240-1256

Manager, Regional Program Services
(Recruiting for position)

News Updates - November 19, 2008

Building official authority

The division receives lots of questions about building officials' (BO) authority. We were recently asked if a BO can require an inspector to obtain additional training beyond the minimum certification requirements set out by the division prior to allowing the inspector to conduct solo inspections. The division's response, when combined with the communication included in the September 10, 2008 newsletter, represents the division's latest stance on building official authority.

Solar water heater alternate method

Sustainable technology is included in the newest statewide alternate method. BCD, working with the Energy Trust of Oregon, developed Alternate Method Ruling OPSC 08-05 allowing single-wall heat exchangers for solar water heaters under certain circumstances. This alternate method will increase system efficiency and energy output for certain types of solar hot water heater systems. It also provides more choices to consumers by increasing the number of solar hot water heater products that can be installed in Oregon.The Energy Trust also recognizes these same standards regarding solar water heating products and residential systems for incentive purposes. For more information or questions, contact Andrea Simmons at 503-373-7235 or andrea.f.simmons@state.or.us.

Regional Program Services

A few days in the life…
Michael Morter, regional coordinator for the Mid-Valley and Southern Oregon regions, recently returned from a three-day trip to the Klamath Falls area. While his trip focused on the local building department and construction stakeholders, it also included a conversation with a local downtown advisory board.

Morter spoke with the advisory board about the working relationship between BCD and the Main Street program offered by the state to help communities improve downtown areas. BCD's regional coordinators not only provide access to internal staff and resources, but their job duties put them in touch with many state agencies and programs. Feel free to use our regional coordinators as a link to other organizations involved in construction-related issues or economic development.

So what does a day (or two) look like through the eyes of one of our coordinators? Here's a snapshot of Morter's outreach to stakeholders in the Klamath Falls area:

  • Discussed the regional program and ePermitting services with Sid Mitchell, Klamath County Community Development Manager and Rex Turner, Building Official

  • Provided an overview of the regional program to Kristin Sayles, Executive Officer of the local Homebuilder Association (HBA)

  • Featured speaker at the monthly HBA meeting with approximately 40 members present

  • Downtown advisory board discussion on the newly adopted International Existing Building Code

  • Introduction and regional program overview to Betty Riley, Executive Director of the Regional Economic Development District

  • Regional tour with Rex Turner, Building Official

  • Visited on site with Bobby Mick and Roger Kowash, principals at a local structural insulated panel producer. Morter provided follow-up information regarding their interest in pursuing pre-fabricated homes as an expansion opportunity.

  • Participated in a roundtable discussion with the local HBA and building department

Wow, these regional coordinators are really on the move!


Quick Permits changes to meet the statewide fee method
The division is working with jurisdictions in preparation for the new consistent fee methodology rules that become effective on January 1, 2009.This new statewide method of calculating permit fees also affects Quick Permits. The Quick Permits' staff is making changes to the system in order to bring it in line with the new rules. In particular, the system will no longer have a way to add "base" or administrative fees to permits purchased on Quick Permits. The rules require that these fees be worked into the municipality's fee schedule, minimum fees, or individual permitted items. The communication to Quick Permits municipalities is a helpful resource because it explains the changes and defines base and administrative fees, as well as answering many of the questions that may come up.

If you are a Quick Permits jurisdiction with base and administrative fees, or if your fees are changing because of the new rules, you will need to fill out a "Quick Permits Fee Change" form and submit it to aeron.teverbaugh@state.or.us by December 15th. If we don't receive new fee information, it may result in a loss of revenue for your jurisdiction when administrative and base fees are discontinued. And remember, where changes to your permit prices and fee schedules are simply a result of coming into compliance with the new rules, the division has waived the notice requirements of OAR 918-020-0220.


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