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Edition date: September 12, 2012


Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

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News Updates - September 12, 2012

BCD moving towards Statewide Alternate
Method for using 2012 I-codes

With the Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC) adoption process delayed until April 2014, the Building Codes Division is formulating a Statewide Alternate Method that will allow the use of the 2012 International Building, Mechanical, and Energy codes before formal adoption. This will give the design and construction communities the ability to take advantage of the provisions in the international codes for their building projects without delay. Building officials will need to approve the use of any material, design, or method of construction addressed in the statewide alternate method. The decision to use a statewide alternate method is at the discretion of the designer.

Using the alternate method will require a separate compliance path from the 2010 OSSC in that designs must comply with the 2012 International Building Code in its entirety. Limited cross-over applications will be allowed where approved by the building official. Designs must also comply with the 2012 International Mechanical Code and the new construction provisions of the 2012 International Fire Code. Designs may comply with either the 2010 Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code or the 2012 International Energy Efficiency Code.

When approved, the alternate methods for these respective codes will be available on the Commercial Structures program page of our website.

For more information, contact Richard Rogers at 503-378-4472 or Steve Judson at 503-378-4635.

BCD reviewing scope of specialized electrical
inspector exam and required inspections

After receiving input from a number of jurisdictions, BCD is reviewing the scope of the Specialized Electrical Exam as well as exploring alternatives to the number of inspections associated with this certification. One option under consideration is an on-site field assessment in lieu of a portion of the inspections. BCD has hired John Powell, former BCD electrical chief, in a limited duration position to help with this process. John Powell can be reached at 503-378-2741.

BCD classes available during Chemeketa
Community College's fall quarter

Because of popular demand, the 2010 Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code course (OEESC) will be available during Chemeketa Community College's fall quarter. This is the last chance to take this course - it will close for good on Dec. 8, 2012. Individuals holding the Commercial Building Inspector or Building Plans Examiners certifications are required to take a code-change course covering the 2010 OEESC at some point during the code cycle. If you still need to take this course, register on or before Nov. 21 and complete it by Dec. 8.

The 2010 Oregon Structural Specialty Code Chapter 11 Accessibility update will also be available during Chemeketa's fall quarter. You can find out about registration for both courses on our website.

For more information, contact Sherri West at 503-373-7509.

Electrical license renewals and continuing education changes

Changes to the continuing education requirements for electrical, plumbing, and boiler licensees are scheduled to take effect Oct. 1, 2012. These rules will streamline the approval process for code-development bodies and national organizations to offer continuing education courses in Oregon. They will also alter the time when continuing education providers can submit code-change course applications following the publication of a new model code. Lastly, the rule amendments allow code-change courses to cover the applicable national model code without requiring Oregon amendments and other Oregon-specific materials. The material specific to Oregon will be covered in a new category of courses called Oregon Rule and Law. This means that licensees will have a larger number of courses available and will be able to take courses on the latest model codes for code-change credit much earlier.

Also on Oct. 1, journeyman and limited residential electricians will be renewing their licenses. After they renew their licenses, they will be subject to the new continuing education rules. This means that between Oct. 1, 2012 and Oct. 1, 2015, they will have to take a four-hour Oregon Rule and Law course. That course will be credited toward the code-change requirement listed in the rules for those licenses. As plumbing, boiler, and other electrical license holders renew their licenses over the next three years, they will become subject to the new rules. No group of license holders will become subject to the changes until they have renewed their license; consequently, no licensee will be subject to their continuing education requirements changing during their current license cycle.

BCD creates field services section

In an effort to respond to businesses and local government's increasing need for support and expertise around the state, BCD recently created a new field services section. Shane Sumption is managing this new section and overseeing our two field offices in Pendleton and Coquille as well as the plan examiners and site-built inspectors. We anticipate increased reliance in the need for state building services as rural counties continue to struggle with the likely elimination of timber payments.

Vernonia invests in future with new, green school

Vernonia, the Oregon timber town that made national news in 2007 when winter storms caused devastating flooding, celebrated the opening of its new cool, green school earlier this month. Built above the flood plains of the Nehalem River and Rock Creek, the new 135,000-square-foot sustainably constructed school building is poised to become the first K-12 school building in the country to earn. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification.

The school building, designed by Boora Architects, replaces modular classrooms that were brought in after flood damage made the elementary, middle, and high schools unsafe and largely unusable. Rather than rebuild separate schools, the new school consists of one main building, with wings branching off for various grade levels. In addition, about 40 percent of the square footage will be for community use.

The business manager for the Vernonia school district estimates that operating costs for the new school may be 50 percent less than for the old school buildings. The well-insulated building envelope and high-performing windows provide daylighting to classrooms, and solar panels on the roof will help reduce utility bills. The building also has a radiant floor heating system that is linked to a biomass boiler that burns wood pellets from regional sawmills.

While the school design pays homage to Vernonia's past as a timber town, the new school is an investment in the town's children and their future. Beyond the energy efficiency and sustainable construction features of the actual building, the school's focus on creating a curriculum relevant to rural students is gaining attention as a model for other rural schools around the country.

Find more detailed information on Vernonia's new school or read more about Oregon Cool Schools Program.

BCD welcomes new employees

John Powell was recently hired in a limited duration position as a training and project analyst. He has 36 years in the electrical industry as a journeymen, foreman, project manager, inspector, and consultant, and was the chief electrical inspector at BCD from 2000 to 2006. He has also served on the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code and Oregon Solar Installation Specialty Code committees. For the past six years, he's been in the business of continuing education, renewable consulting, and providing inspections. John can be reached at 503-378-2741 or john.w.powell@state.or.us.

Floyd Gregg will be serving as the assistant electrical chief. He brings with him 23 years of experience in the electrical trade in Oregon. He has 10 years of experience with electrical inspections, and most recently he was an electrical inspector with the City of Beaverton. Floyd can be reached at 503-378-5838 or floyd.f.gregg@state.or.us.

Greg Moyer was hired as the new boiler inspector. His 27-year work history with boilers and pressure vessels started in 1985 when he was in the U.S. Navy and worked maintenance on boilers. He worked for 16 years at Claremont College as the assistant foreman of the plumbing and boiler shop before working for Willamette University as the maintenance manager, and then his most recent job as the facility manager at Sequential Biodiesel. Moyer was also a member of the Board of Boiler Rules for two years before joining the staff at BCD. Greg can be reached at 503-378-5975 or greg.a.moyer@state.or.us.

Kevin Perdue will be the new chief boiler inspector as of Sept. 26. He will be moving to Salem from Medford where he was a boiler inspector for BCD since 2006. Before working for BCD, he worked for M.E. Industries for 10 years. Kevin can be contacted at 503-373-7499 or mark.k.perdue@state.or.us.


Summary of enforcement cases presented
to the State Plumbing Board

Summary report: These cases were resolved by the division's enforcement section without going to a contested case hearing. No action was required by the State Plumbing Board.

Plumbing License Suspensions, Revocations, and Reinstatements

Summary of enforcement cases presented
to the Board of Boiler Rules
Summary report: These cases were resolved by the division's enforcement section without going to a contested case hearing. No action was required by the Board of Boiler Rules.

Board of Boiler Rules License Suspensions and Revocations

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