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State Plumbing Board

Board appointments
Public notices, board packets, minutes, and archived videos
Oregon Revised Statutes
Oregon Administrative Rules
Final Report on Withholding Tax Program with Department of Revenue
The Department of Revenue (DOR) asked BCD and the State Plumbing Board to work with them to include Plumbing Contractors in a campaign to inform a portion of their audience on tax compliance responsibilities. House Bill 3082 authorized DOR to develop a pilot project that required people who hold state-issued occupational licenses to be in tax compliance. Plumbing Contractors subject to Oregon's Withholding Tax Program were selected as part of Phase II of the project. DOR contacted BCD licensees who fell into this group. Licensees that DOR determined fell into this group received a letter and informational brochure. Involvement in this project did not affect the licenses of the participants. Now the final report for this project is available.
The State Plumbing Board licenses individuals to engage in the business, trade or calling of a journeyman plumber and establishes by rule, license, business and supervising plumber registrations, examinations and continuing education fees.
Board Appointments

Members are appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by the state senate.

The State Plumbing Board has seven members with four-year terms to include the following representation:

  • A journeyman plumber

  • A registered plumbing business

  • A local plumbing inspector

  • A registered professional mechanical engineer

  • An employee of the Health Division

  • A plumbing equipment supplier or building official

  • A member of the general public

Board Members



Travis Argue - Chair
Email: argue@ua290.org

Journeyman plumber

Matthew Rozzell - Vice-chair
Email: mattrozzell@msn.com
Building official

Craig Anderson
Email: craig@craigaplumbing.com

Registered plumbing business

Skai Dancey
Email: danceys@ohsu.edu

Mechanical engineer

Melissa Gitt
Email: gitt@ci.wilsonville.or.us
Plumbing inspector

Michael Perry
Email: michael.perry@state.or.us

DHS, Health Service

Public member