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Continuing Education Courses
at Chemeketa Community College

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What to expect when taking a BCD class through Chemeketa Community College

These self-paced classes are available to you online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can decide if you want to take the whole course, usually somewhere between 3 and 8 hours long, in one session or come back to the class several times to finish the work. Each course costs $35 dollars.

The course structure is set up in succession; you need to finish the first lesson before you can continue to the second lesson. There are short quizzes at the end of each lesson that you need to complete before the next lesson becomes available. Be sure to take advantage of all the parts of a lessons, presentations, videos, etc., before you take the quiz. The system keeps track of all the time you spend in each lesson.


Chemeketa Quarter Schedule

Because Chemeketa Community College is on a quarter system, our courses will be unavailable during their quarter breaks. You must complete the course you are registered for before the end of the quarter you registered in. For example; if you registered to take the 2010 OSSC Chapter 11 Accessibility Revisions course in the Spring of 2013 quarter you would have until June 15, 2013 to complete the course. If you do not finish the course within this time period you will either not get continuing education credits for the course or re-register (paying the $35 again and start the course from the beginning).

BCD is working with the college to continue services for our courses during these breaks. Please keep this quarter schedule in mind when taking a self-paced course until we are successful in changing the access to our classes.


BCD courses offered online through Chemeketa Community College

Course Title CRN Cost Course Ends
No courses offered Summer 2013 quarter


How To's: Admission, Registration, Payment Process, and Access Courses


Before registering for any course at Chemeketa Community College, you must first apply for admissions. Please follow these steps to Apply for Admission Online:
  • Go to http://www.chemeketa.edu.
  • Click on the “Forms” tag on the bar underneath the Chemeketa logo.
  • “Admissions” is the first category; click on “Admission application”.
  • Begin filling out the application – all fields marked with a red asterisk must be completed.
    • If you wish to receive your admission status, My Chemeketa username/password information, and your student ID number (K#) within 24 hours, you must provide your email address on page one of the application. (If no email address is given, all admission information will be sent to you via regular mail.)
    • Choose “Take non-credit class only” from the drop down box under “Primary Reason” and choose “Personal enrichment” from the drop down box under “What is the MAIN reason you are attending Chemeketa this term?” on page two of the application.
    • Review and/or edit your application information on page three of the application. When satisfied, click on the “Submit Admission Application” button. You should then see a statement indicating you are now admitted as a “Non-Credit/Community Education Student”.


Once you have applied for admissions and have your Course Registration Number (CRN), follow these steps to Register for Classes:

  • Make sure you receive the Course Registration Number (CRN) five-digit number assigned to your course. You will need the CRN to register for your classes online.
  • Go to http://my.chemeketa.edu.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Once logged in, locate the “Student” tab, along the top of the page. Click on “Student Shortcuts” and select “Add/Drop Classes” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the term you wish to register for.
  • Scroll down the page to “Add Classes Worksheet”. Input CRN’s for the classes you would like to register for. Avoid using the “Class Search” option at the bottom of the page.
  • Type in the five-digit CRN(s) for any classes you want to register for and click on the “Submit Changes” button. You are now registered for your class(es). You may also drop any classes from this same screen.



Payment Process

Paying your tuition
Tuition and fees will be charged to your student account at the time you register. All fees are non-refundable once the course starts. If you want to receive a refund, you must drop a course prior to the first day of the term.

Payment Due Date: Before the first day of the term or within ten days of registration (whichever is first) to avoid a $25 late fee. See information below.

Online: Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) payments may be made at My Chemeketa through our partner Nelnet Business Solutions using their QuickPay system.

Mail: Check payments may be mailed to:

Business Services
Chemeketa Community College
P.O. Box 14007
Salem, OR 97309-7070
To ensure proper credit, include your student ID number (K#) with the check. Please do not send cash.

In person: Enrollment Center, Building 2, second floor, Salem Campus, or any Chemeketa campus.

Agency billing
If your employer (or another agency) is paying for your course they will need to contact Business Services at 503.399.5011 to set up an agency billing account. This should be completed before the first day of the term (or within 10 days of registration) to avoid a late fee. Please note that there is an agency billing fee of $5 per student per term.

Failure to pay
A past due account may result in denial of future college services including registration, withholding of transcripts, denial of future credit, impairment of credit history, and additional assessment of collection charges and attorney fees.

Questions regarding tuition payments or agency billing?
Please call 503.399.5011 or email Business Services



Access Courses

How do I Access my Online Course?
A registered student can access the login page.

User Account Updates
If you have registered for a class that uses Blackboard or have changed your password in My Chemeketa, there is a slight delay before that change is updated.

User/Enrollment Account Processing
Change Made Between Changes Processed By*
4:16 - 5:15 PM 6:10 PM
5:16 - 6:15 PM 7:10 PM
etc. etc.

*Processing begins at the top of the hour and may take up to 15 minutes to complete (but usually will be in effect within 5 minutes past the hour).

Questions Regarding Enrollment and Registration?
Contact Chemeketa Online | online@chemeketa.edu | 503.399.7873



Course Communications

The way communication between student and instructor is achieved within the Chemeketa eLearn system is through a Chemeketa email (Gmail) account. We find that most of the students in our courses do not use this system and we have no communication access to them. We would appreciate it if you would set up your Chemeketa email account and then have it forwarded to your regular email. That way we can use the Chemeketa email system to communicate with you, but the emails will be forwarded to your regular email. Use these detailed instructions to set up your Chemeketa email account and then forward it to your regular email.