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New Proposals as Amended by Committee

OSSC07-01 Section 0101.2.1 Appendix K Reference

OSSC07-02 Section 0105.2 Item 6 Deck Exemption

OSSC07-03 Section 0303.1 Adds or tenant space to Exception 1

OSSC07-04 Section 0304.1 Outpatient Clinic

OSSC07-05 Section 0304.2 Lockup Facilities

OSSC07-06 Section 0308.3 Definition

OSSC07-07 Section 0311.3 Hangar Definition 2652

OSSC07-08 Section 0412.2.1 Hangar Exterior Wall 2652

OSSC07-09 Section 0412.2.3 Hangar Floor 2652 II

OSSC07-10 Section 0412.2.6 Hangar Fire Suppression OABA

OSSC07-11 Section 0505.3 Accessibilty Reference

OSSC07-12 Section 0508.2 Incidental Use

OSSC07-13 Section 0903.2.7 Deletion of Exception for Appendix K

OSSC07-14 Section 0903. Delete Balconies and decks

OSSC07-15 Section 1009.12 Allowance for ships ladder

OSSC07-16 Section 1015.2.2 Exit Separation

OSSC07-17 Section 1019.1.3 Add new section

OSSC07-18 Section 1108.2.2 Restroom Exception

OSSC07-19 Section 1109.14 Visual alarms

OSSC07-20 Section 1109.14.2 Visual alarms

OSSC07-21 Section 1307.1.8.1 Vapor Retarder

OSSC07-22 Section 1308.2 Equipment preformance

OSSC07-23 Section 1313.2 Track lighting clarification

OSSC07-24 Section 1313.4.2 and 1313.5 Lighting for parking and canopies

OSSC07-25 Section 1317.3 Cooling for computer rooms

OSSC07-26 Section 1405.5.2 Seismic Requirements

OSSC07-27 Section 1405.9.1 Final Revised Language

OSSC07-28 Section 1405.12.2 Delete section

OSSC07-29 Section 1501.2 Add anchorages

OSSC07-30 Section 1602 Definitions of E

OSSC07-31 Section 1603 and 1609 Wind design and loads

OSSC07-32 Section 1605.3.2 Add exception

OSSC07-33 Section 1608.2 Revised Snow Loads

OSSC07-34 Section 1609.1.1 Wind speeds

OSSC07-35 Section 1613.1 Modifications to ASCE 7

OSSC07-36 Section 1614.1 Anchorage clarification

OSSC07-37 Section 1614.2 ASCE modification

OSSC07-38 Section 1614.3 Components weight

OSSC07-39 Section 1615.1 Revise exception

OSSC07-40 Section 1704.3 Add exception

OSSC07-41 Section 1704.7 Soils

OSSC07-42 Section 1704.10 AWCI reference

OSSC07-43 Section 1707.8 Anchorage clarification

OSSC07-44 Section 1708.1.1 Special inspector ref

OSSC07-45 Section 1802.2 Exception language

OSSC07-46 Section 1802.2.7 Seismic pressures

OSSC07-47 Section 1808.2.8.5 Uplift capacity analysis

OSSC07-48 Section 1806.1 Soil loading

OSSC07-49 Section 2106.1.1 2106.4 and 2106.4 add exception

OSSC07-50 Section 2306.4.1 Table 2306.4.1

OSSC07-51 Section 2308.3.2 and 2308.12.6 Irregular structues

OSSC07-52 Section 3202.3.1 Marquees

OSSC07-53 Section 3403.2.3.1 affected structure

OSSC07-54 Section 3403.2.3.2 Affected buildings

OSSC07-55 Section 3410.2.2 Partial change of occupancy

OSSC07-56 Appendix K Delete in Entirety

OSSC07-57 Appendix SR 0101.2 Scope

OSSC07-58 Appendix SR 0104.2 Doors Corridors

OSSC07-59 Appendix SR 0104.3.1.1 Barriers

OSSC07-60 Appendix SR 0105.2 Height

OSSC07-61 Appendix SR 0108.1 Means of Egress

OSSC07-62 Chapter 2 Proposed amendments

OSSC07-63 Section 408 Prisons

OSSC07-64 Chapter 9 Proposed Amendment

OSSC07-65 Seciton 1003.2 and 1208.8

OSSC07-66 ADA Elevator language

OSSC07-67 Section 1805.4.2 Electrical grounding in footings

OSSC07-68 Section 3001.3 Accessible passenger elevators

OSSC07-69 Appendix C 2007 OSSC Amendments

OSSC07-70 Section 2902 Add exception 3 to correlate with prison fix

OSSC07-71 Section 3401 1 Scope Chapter 34

OSSC07-72 Section 3410 Compliance Alternatives

OSSC07-74 Existing Buildings Code Change

OSSC07-75 Appendix G 2007 OSSC Amendments

OSSC07-76 Section 1108.4.5 and 1109.18

OSSC07-77 Amend Section 1302 Definitions

OSSC07-78 Section 1306 Title and text

OSSC07-79 Section 1317.10

OSSC07-80 Section 1317.13

OSSC07-81 Amend the header of Section 1318

OSSC07-82 Section 1307.1.7.1

OSSC07-83 Section 1317.

OSSC07-84 Revise Notations to several Chapter 13 Tables

OSSC07-85 Delete Section 3410.2.5

OSSC07-86 Section 3406

Proposed editorial code changes to chapter 13 of the OSSC