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Requirements and Reminders for 1% Training Course Providers

Required: Reporting of class schedule 30 days before class begins

1. The 1% Training Course Calendar will be used by providers to report class schedules. You will find the calendar on the Course calendar/FAQs pages.

2. Go to the "Add Event" button located at the bottom of the calendar.

3. Key in your course name and the city where the course is located This will change with each course entered. For example "Oregon Plumbing Spec. Code - Medford".

4. Use the description box to enter all the pertinent information on the course, who, what, when , where and how much. For example:

Journeyman Plumber CE Seminar
Medford 8am - 5pm
Approved for 8 hrs CE
Cost $50
For more information/register contact Linda or Whitney 503-557-1203 or
email oaphcc@northwest.com

5. If you have a Web site that has registration capabilities let us know and we will enter your Web site address in the description. (We need to do some special programming to have the linking work.).

6. Skip the background color.

7. Enter the date of the course.

8. Enter the time the course begins and then record how many hours the course is.

9. You can add an image if you want.

10. Do not use the "repeat" - you need to put each course in separately.

11. Do not set "reminder."

12. Save your entries when you are sure everything is entered correctly.

13. The information will not appear on the calendar until BCD approves the entry.

14. You should also send a list of your scheduled courses to BCD or email it to Sherri West at sherri.d.west@state.or.us

Required: An initialed class roster for each class taught.

This roster verifies the number of students in attendance and must accompany the invoice for billing. The 1% Training-Course Attendance Roster, form number 3480, needs to be filled out and signed by the students at every 1% Training course.. The form comes in both PDF and Word format. This allows you to either enter the student names by hand or by computer.

You must use this roster and have it initialed by the students attending the course in order to receive payment for courses taught.

Required: Completed student evaluation form.

The 1% Training course evaluation should be filled out by all the students attending a class. This is important information that we will use to evaluate the 1% Training courses and it will help us make decisions on course content in the future. These evaluations must be turned in when submitting an invoice for payment.


Required: If the course is in the Electrical, Elevator, Plumbing or Boiler Program or qualifies for CE in these licensing programs, you must submit the class roster information to BCD's licensing department.

1. Go to the Information for Continuing education providers

2. Click the button for Spreadsheet instructions, read the instructions.

3. Return to the Information for Continuing education providers.

4. Go to the List of continuing education course numbers.

5. Look in the column that fits your course and then choose a number by how many hours the course was. For example: Electrical Wiring course was 8 hours. You would choose 108 as your course number.

6. Return to the Information for continuing education providers.

7. Go to the Roster submittal spreadsheet.

8. Use your 1% Training Course Attendance Roster to fill in the pertinent information on the Excel spreadsheet. Use the course number that accurately describes your course. Follow the Spreadsheet instructions.

9. Either click on the File button in the upper left hand corner of your screen; click on send to; click on Mail Recipient and fill out the email address with the one given on the Spreadsheet instructions. Or save the excel file to your hard drive and then use your email system to send it as an attachment to the address on the Spreadsheet instructions.

10. Save a copy in case licensing contacts you for information.

Required: You must teach one course in each of the seven regions listed below and submit them for payment, before you will be paid for providing a second course in a region.

For example: If you teach a course in Portland on March 1 you may submit the invoice for that course. But you may not submit an invoice for another class in Portland until you have submitted an invoice for the six other regions.

    • Tri-County (Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas county)
    • Mid-Willamette Valley (Marion or Polk county)
    • Southern Willamette Valley (Benton, Linn or Lane county)
    • Central Coast (Tillamook, Lincoln,\or Coos county)
    • Southern Oregon (Jackson or Klamath county)
    • Central Oregon (Deschutes, Jefferson or Crook county)
    • Eastern Oregon (Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Baker or Malheur county)

Remember: BCD may send a representative to visit one of your courses.
BCD may also request that you video tape a class.