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Visible License Requirements

Beginning July 1, 2004 boiler, electrical, elevator, plumbing and pressure vessel licensees must wear their trade license when on the jobsite.


Administrative rules 918-030-0920



Frequently Asked Questions About the Visible License Requirement

Q: Who must wear their trade license when on the jobsite? Does the requirement apply to contractors or just individuals?
A: Individual licensees who are installing, repairing, or altering boiler, electrical, elevator, or plumbing systems must visibly display their licenses.

Q: Does the requirement apply to contractors or just individuals?
A: No, contractors are not included in this requirement.

Q: What if I believe wearing my license would create a safety issue?
A: Licensees are not required to wear their license if they believe it would create a safety issue on that jobsite.

Q: What happens if my license is not displayed?
A: Inspectors will be checking for visible licenses. If a license is not visible, the inspector will ask to see it. Licensees are expected to have their identification readily available if they are not displaying it due to safety hazards.

Q: If a licensee has multiple licenses, which license needs to be displayed?
A: The appropriate license for the work being done needs to be displayed. It is suggested that all licenses be kept in a convenient place that is easily accessible.

Q: Can a copy of a license be displayed instead of the actual license?
A: No, it must be the actual license.

Q: Are there specific guidelines for displaying licenses?
A: No, in fact, there are many ways to display licenses. Using a clear pocket badge holder, clip or other type of clasp is appropriate. The important thing is to ensure the license is visible.

Q: What happens if a license is lost?
A: Licensees can apply for a duplicate license online, in person or by mail.
Online at http://www.cbs.state.or.us/bcd click online services, "Licensings application & renewal"
In person at Salem BCD office, 1535 Edgewater NW, Salem. Or by mail by writing to Building Codes Division, PO Box 14610, Salem, OR 97309-0455. Please include the the licensee's name, address, and license number and the $10 fee.

Q: How can photos be submitted for licenses?
A: Photos may be submitted electronically with an online request, but licenses will not be produced until BCD receives the fee. If mailing a request that includes a photo, it is suggested that a 2"x2" (passport size) photo be used. Note: Photos are not mandatory and licenses are valid without a photo.

Q: How long does it take to get a duplicate license?
A: It takes approximately 2 weeks for a duplicate license to be produced and mailed to the licensee.

Q: What happens if an inspector asks to see a license and a duplicate is not available yet?
A: BCD licensing staff can confirm the licensee's status if an inspector requests the information. Licensees can obtain a computer screen print as a "certified true copy" of the license to use until the duplicate license is produced. Remember that it is not acceptable to work without a license.