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Who should I contact if I have any questions about dealer licensing?

The Division of Finance and Corporate Securities (DFCS) is the agency who has the responsibility for manufactured structure dealer licensing and regulation. Information is available on their website at: http://dfcs.oregon.gov/manufactured_structures_dealer.html

When do I need a trip permit to move a home?

The Lois System allows you, as a dealer, to issue trip permits and print the permits on your local printer.

Trip permits are needed when:

  • A used home moves from one site to another and is not listed as dealer inventory
  • A used home is moved out of state
  • A used home is moved to a salvage yard to be destroyed
  • A new home is moved to a site other than the dealer's lot
  • A new home is sold out of dealer inventory

Trip permits are NOT needed when:

  • A new home is moving from the manufacturer to dealer inventory
  • A new home is moved out of state
  • A used home is dealer inventory is being relocated out of state
  • A home is owned by the United States Government
  • A new or used home from out of state is placed into dealer inventory

As a dealer, am I subject to taxation on a home I have installed as a spec home?

The home is considered dealer inventory if it has no owners attached and is marked as dealer inventory in the Lois System even though it is not located on a dealer lot. You should check with your county tax assessor's office if you have questions on taxation. See ORS 446.576

How should a dealer handle a spec home that is placed in a manufactured home park?

The initial placement of a spec home on a lot and in a park, before it has actually been sold, would be viewed as movement from the manufacturer to an actual site. A trip permit must be purchased for the movement of this home.

Can an escrow agent complete the sales transaction of a manufactured structure on behalf of my dealership?

Yes, provided the conditions specified in ORS 446.591 are met.

Why should I use the LOIS system?

The LOIS system is functional and convenient. As a LOIS user you can:

  • File ownership documents on behalf of the owner
  • Release interest in homes you sell
  • Empower an escrow agent to conduct business on your behalf
  • Purchase and print trip permits online
  • Complete transactions from your office

What information can I print from the system?

Different "user" groups will be able to run various information reports from the LOIS system. There is also a function that allows the user to download all maintained information that applies to their particular user group to MS Excel and manipulate the data as desired.