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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Owner
Lender / Mortgage / Escrow
What did Senate Bill 468 do?
SB 468 transferred responsibility for maintain ownership and siting information for manufactured structures from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to the Building Codes Division (BCD). Along with this move, the Division of Finance and Corporate Securities (DFCS) regulate manufactured structure dealers. The bill went into effect May 1, 2005.
What does the LOIS System do?
The division has designed a manufactured housing computer system, named Lois, to track a home as it moves from manufacturer to dealer to the owners site (and any resale). The system will be deployed through a web-based application, thus eliminating most of the paperwork and delay from transactions for everyone involved. Specifically the system will:
  • Maintain siting and ownership information for manufactured structures sited in Oregon
  • Generate official documents including the Ownership Document and Trip Permit
  • Provide real-time access to data for update and output
  • Limit access to authorized users and customize functionality based upon the specific user group
  • Allow sophisticated data reporting tools
What does "LOIS" stand for?
LOIS is not an acronym. Lois Colson was a public servant for Josephine County and Multnomah County, and in the final years of her career she worked for the Department of Revenue. She spearheaded a technical group of industry stakeholders that began the design and implementation of this new system. Sadly, Lois passed away before the work group completed its work. This system is dedicated in her honor and memory.
Who can use LOIS?
Lois is an online titling database system intended to be used by counties, dealers, title/escrow lenders, factories, and transporters. A system user completes transactions online, accesses the ownership computer database, and utilizes some of the reports and lookup mechanisms within the system.

The general public can utilize the Lois system data, documents, and some reports via Public Read Only System Access with Report/Documents.

How do I become a system user?
All users who are processing online transactions in the Lois Manufactured Housing System must first become a registered user. To become a registered user, submit a Manufactured Structure System User Application, and contact Amanda Hauth, Program Specialist, at Amanda.R.Hauth@state.or.us or 503-373-1249. Participation is voluntary, and a credit card is required to proces fees in the Lois system.
Is there a charge for being a LOIS user?
What if I do not want to become a LOIS user?
While the division is confident the system will be functional, convenient, and easy to use, the required paperwork can be processed at your county assessorís office.
Can I get trained to use LOIS?
Individual training can be arranged by contacting Coleen Hanson, Program Analyst, at Coleen.J.Hanson@state.or.us or (503) 373-1309.
What are the systems requirements to use LOIS on my computer?
  • System Requirements
    • A desktop computer with an Internet connection
      (high speed line strongly recommended)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or greater.
      Netscape browsers are not supported.

The first time the Lois system is executed it must download and install a component on your local machine that allows the program to operate properly. You cannot run the Lois software until you successfully install this component-JInitiator. BCD can assist you with this process.

Who is responsible for what?
  • Manufacturers
    • Initialize new homes in the system
    • May generate Certificate of Origin
    • May use LOIS system for Federal 302 Report

  • Dealers
    • Initialize homes not currently in the system ( home moving into Oregon from out of state only)
    • Record ownership sale information of new and used homes
    • Record siting of new and used homes
    • May purchase trip permits

  • Lenders
    • Record security interests
    • Release security interests
    • Subordinate security interests
    • Assign security interests

  • Title/Escrow
    • May represent dealers, lenders, private owners and satisfy their roles and requirements
    • May purchase trip permits

  • Counties
    • Process any transactions listed above
    • Confirm exemption status
    • Process problem transactions

  • Building Codes Division
    • Regulate user access
    • Process problem transactions refused by the county
    • Fulfill statutory notification requirements
    • Process any transactions not process by another user group
    • Maintain records
How can I find answers to many of my questions not listed on this website?
You should read Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 446 Sections 446.661 through 446.995 and Oregon Administrative Rules 918-500-0000 through 918-500-600.