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Welcome to the LOIS Help Section - General Information

General Information

The division has designed a manufactured housing computer system nicknamed Lois, to track a home as it moves from a manufacturer to dealer to the owner ) and any resale). The system is deployed through a web-based application, thus eliminating most of the paperwork and delay from transactions for everyone involved.

LOIS system:

  • Maintains siting and ownership information for manufactured structures sited in Oregon
  • For siting and ownership information on exempt homes, please contact the county deed records.
  • Generate official documents including the Ownership Document and Trip Permit
  • Provide real-time access to data for update and output
  • Limit access to authorized users and customize functionality based upon the specific user group
  • Allow sophisticated data reporting tools

If you would like to become a system user, please submit a Manufactured Structure System User Application to Amanda Hauth.


Depending upon the user's access, Lois allows an individual to:

  • Record ownership information quickly, with less paperwork
  • Access the system day or night; anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Search for ownership and security interest information
  • Track secured interests online
  • Purchase and print trip permits online
  • Generate reports that you can use to track your work


  • Manufacturers
    • Initialize new homes in the system
    • May generate Certificate of Origin
    • May use Lois system for Federal 302 Report

  • Dealers
    • Initialize homes not currently in the system coming from out of state
    • Record ownership (sale) of new and used homes
    • Record siting of new and used homes
    • May purchase trip permits

  • Lenders
    • Record security interests
    • Release security interests
    • Subordinate security interests
    • Assign security interests

  • Title / Escrow
    • May represent dealers, lenders, private owners and satisfy their roles and requirements
    • May purchase Trip Permits
  • Transporters
    • Purchase trip permit
    • Report delivery of homes

  • Counties
    • Process any transactions listed above
    • Confirm exemption status
    • Process problem transactions
    • Responsible for maintaining ownership records on exempt homes

  • Building Codes Division
    • Regulate user access
    • Process problem transactions
    • Fulfill statutory notification requirements
    • Process any other transaction not processed by another user group