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Shop Inspections

The Boiler Safety Program involves many activities other than inspection of operating boilers and pressure vessels. One of the more important services we provide is shop or field inspection of pressure equipment being constructed or repaired.  The process of shop inspection is tightly regulated by The ASME who publish the minimum safety standards Oregon has adopted as part of its Boiler Law. 

The minimum safety standards of the Oregon Boiler Law include The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, which regulates construction of new pressure equipment manufactured or installed in Oregon, and The National Board Inspection Code (ANSI/NB-23) for repair or alteration of operating pressure equipment. Both of these standards require an Authorized Inspector (AI), commissioned by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and having advanced inspection training, to perform shop and field inspections of pressure equipment being constructed, repaired or altered.   

For new construction of ASME pressure equipment, the Authorized Inspector is required to be an employee of an ASME Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) which acts as a third-party inspection agency.  The AIA may be an insurance company authorized by The ASME;  or the State itself may be authorized as an AIA by The ASME. In Oregon, both an insurance company and the State are AIA organizations and provide shop inspection services. Each AIA must have a written agreement with a manufacturer of pressure equipment before providing shop inspection service,  and must also designate the AI for each shop by letter to the ASME. 

The purpose of third-party shop inspection is to ensure that regulated activities are performed within the requirements of the minimum safety standards; and to ensure that only safe, dependable pressure equipment is manufactured, installed, or operated in jurisdictions which adopts the same safety standards. The Oregon Boiler program is pleased to provide AIA shop inspection service on request for ASME Code work, or for National Board authorized repair shops.