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Minor Label Program


What are minor labels?
How does the minor label program work?
How do I order minor labels?
Where do I get the minor labels from and how do I use them?
What about inspections?
Minor label OARs

Electrical scope
Elevator scope
Plumbing scope
Did you fail a minor label inspection?

What are minor labels?

Minor labels are inexpensive permits for minor electrical and plumbing installations. For example; putting in a light switch; or installing a residential water heater, both would qualify as minor work therefore a minor label could be used. Licensed contractors buy a "lot" of 10 labels. One out of ten are inspected; the inspection fee is included in the total cost. Minor labels may be used for installations anywhere in the state. Labels are valid for one year from the date of purchase; expiration dates are printed on the labels.

A lot of 10 labels cost $140, including surcharges.

How does the minor label program work?
Contractors buy the labels online, make the installations and document how the labels were used on their online account. The minor label program randomly selects one installation from every ten labels a contractor uses for inspection. BCD requests an inspection from the building department responsible for the installation address.
How do I order minor labels?

Determine if the work you are doing qualifies for Minor Labels

What you will need to set up an online account

  • Electrical or Plumbing Contractors License
  • Construction Contractors Board (CCB) License
  • Visa, Master Card or Discover
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

When you have set up your account you can order your minor labels.

Need help? Use the getting started guide.

Where do I get the minor labels from and how do I use them?
Minor labels are generally processed and printed within two working days and mailed to you from the Building Codes Division's Salem office. The labels are preprinted with important information. There is also a space for you to fill in the installation date and job description.

When you arrive at a jobsite where you are using a minor label, fill in the specified information and attach the larger portion to the electrical panel or near the installation (if the panel is not available) before work is started.

Attach the smaller portion of the label, with the label identification number printed on it, to the work order.

Record the installation information in your online account.

Need help? Use the online user guide.

What about inspections?
When ten Minor Label installations have been entered into your online account, one of the installations will be randomly chosen for inspection by the online system.

The local building department responsible for the property address will be notified by the online system to send an inspector out to look at the job.

You can check your online account to view your inspection results. Everything is kept track of by the online system and is easy for you to access.

Using the online system you can also view a record of all installations, purchasing history, and update your company information.

Minor Label OARs

Minor Label Program Rules

Jurisdictional User Information

Jurisdiction user guide
Procedural information