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Residential Interpretations

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Rescinded Residential Interpretations
Issue date Subject
7/01/2011 Criteria for Building Permits When Reroofing Dwellings (Updated), Original interpretation #93-19, 7/30/1993
5/26/2011 Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors in existing buildings - Revised 5/26/2011
4/20/2011 Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors in existing buildings
7/15/2009 Emergency Egress and Human Impact Requirements When Replacing Existing Glass (Revised 7/2009), (Original interpretation #92-21, 07/31/1992)
8/15/2008 Appliance access
8/13/2008 Use of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
5/21/2008 Bonding of Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (Revised 4/01/2011)
9/26/2005 Elevation of condensate pumps in a garage
Smoke alarms in residential aircraft hanger
11/1/2003 Habitable vs. Nonhabitable Accessory Structures
12/18/2002 Wall Bracing - Portal Frame (Revised 12/2002)
10/1/2002 Mechanical Permit Requirements for Electric Cadet Heaters
10/30/2001 One- and Two-Family Dwelling Fire Sprinkler Systems
10/4/2000 Notice of Final Appeal Decision, Building Code Structures Board: Major One and Two-Family Dwelling Code Interpretation (OTFDC) ORS 455.475 - Appeal DC-00-01 OTFDC
1/01/1999 Residential Slab Edge Insulation
10/8/1997 Crawl Space Perimeter Insulation Alternate Method
7/14/1997 Use of Yurts as Recreational Structures
10/6/1995 Insulation Requirements for Ducts Installed Within Ceilings Insulation in Attics
9/20/1994 Rational Design of Structures Not Using Conventional Wood Framing
6/3/1994 Product Approvals and Listing Agencies
11/19/1993 Toilet Room Moisture Proofing
11/19/1993 Natural Light for and Emergency Egress from Bedrooms in Earth-Sheltered Dwellings
11/19/1993 Attaching Glass Structures to Dwellings (Revised)
10/1/1993 Structures on State, Federal and Other Property
12/2/1992 Use of Yurt as a Permanent Dwelling
10/23/1992 Ceiling "Fire Separation" Dwelling/Garage and Dwelling/Dwelling Under the One and Two Family Dwelling Specialty Code (Revised, editorial)
8/18/1992 Log/Solid Timber Home Construction
7/31/1992 Underfloor Ventilation (Revised, editorial)
8/26/1991 Alternate Stairway Configurations (Revised, editorial)
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