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Business Requirements
Vehicle Dealers / Rentals


Oregon law (ORS 446.155) prohibits the sale, offering for sale, renting, offering for rent, or lease of a recreational vehicle in Oregon unless one of the following applies:

  • The recreational vehicle has an Oregon insignia of compliance attached to it.
  • The recreational vehicle has previously been lawfully registered and titled within the United States (i.e. a DMV registration and title).
  • The recreational vehicle has been previously issued an ownership document under ORS 446.571 or recorded under ORS 446.626.
  • The recreational vehicle is exempt from registration, title or ownership document (i.e. federal government ownership).

Recreational vehicles not meeting these requirements may need to be inspected prior to being offered for sale, rent or lease. Specific requirements are adopted in OAR 918-525-0310.

An Oregon insignia of compliance is a label found on the outside of the vehicle near the main entry door. These insignias are typically blue in color with "State of Oregon Insignia of Compliance" printed clearly at the top of the label. Older labels may be green in color and some may be faded making them difficult to read.

If you have questions or need further information regarding whether or not a vehicle requires an Oregon insignia of compliance, contact the Recreational Vehicle and Parks Program at 503-373-7542 or email staff.

Inspection requests for vehicles requiring Oregon insignia of compliance must be made in writing using the division's Recreational Vehicle Inspection and Insignia Request Application. Inspection requests must be made prior to offering the vehicle for sale. Inspection requests may be mailed or faxed to the division.

Dealers or distributors of recreational park trailers, also known as park models, have additional requirements to meet prior to selling recreational park trailers. Oregon law (ORS 446.260) requires that dealers or distributors of recreational park trailers that are over 8-1/2 feet in width, present each potential buyer of a new recreational park trailer a disclosure statement to read and sign prior to the completion of the sales contract.

Dealers or distributors may use the division's disclosure form or include the division's disclosure form within their own sales contract. Dealers or distributors must follow the requirements in OAR 918-525-0045 if they choose to include the division's disclosure within their own contract.