1.0 - Getting Started



This is a self-guided class.
Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation.
Required Submission(s) for your implementation can be found at the bottom of this page.



Training content: Helpdesk, 503-373-7396
Assignments or your project: Your Project Managers, 503-378-2950


Class Objectives

Know recommended and required settings; Be able to successfully log into the training environment; Navigate in Accela utilizing consoles, My Navigation, Menu Navigation, and Page setup; Become familiar with and begin recognizing Accela/ePermitting terminology.



All Users


Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 47 minutes

The Software (5:56 mins)

Logging In (6:24 mins)

Tour of the Console (20:06 mins)

Common Terms (5:06 mins)

System Requirements and Browser Settings (3:14 mins)


Supplemental Documentation

Environments (PDF)

Accela ePermitting Terms (PDF)

V360 System Requirements and Browser Settings (PDF)

ePermitting Basic Terminology (PDF)