1.2 - Concept of a Record  & Creating a New Application



   This is a self-guided class.
   Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation.
   Required Submission(s) for your implementation can be found at the bottom of each training section.



   Training content: Helpdesk, 503-373-7396.
   Assignments or your project: Your Project Managers, 503-378-2950.


Class Objectives

Recognize the different parts/steps that make up a record in the system; Understand an application vs. a permit; Navigate to the various portlets within a record; Build a simple record including all of the pieces.



All Users


Concept of a Record
Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 33 minutes

Introduction, Record List portlet, and Workflow (8:56 mins)

Record Specific Information (6:01 mins)

APO (4:39 mins)

Licensed Professionals (1:49 mins)

Contacts (1:21 mins)

Plan Review (1:54 mins)

Fees (1:06 mins)

Payment (1:54 mins)

Inspections (1:25 mins)

Documents (2:31 mins)

Important Dates (1:59 mins)

Supplemental Documentation

Training Instructions (PDF)
      Includes training suggestions, business analysis considerations, Required Submissions, and Other Submissions


Creating a New Application
Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 1 hour, 23 minutes

Introduction (2:15 mins)

Introduction to SPEAR form (6:51 mins)

SPEAR: Address Section (8:45 mins)

SPEAR: Parcel Section (3:27 mins)

SPEAR: Owner Section (4:17 mins)

SPEAR: Professionals Section (6:06 mins)

SPEAR: Applicant Section (4:54 mins)

SPEAR: ASI Section (6:19 mins)

SPEAR: Submit and Final Reminders (3:07 mins)

Issue Permit through ACA (14:11 mins)

Updating the Workflow for new ACA applications (6:34 mins)

ASI Fields (3:07 mins)

Supplemental Documentation

Record Expiration Summary (PDF)

ePermitting Basic Terminology (PDF)