1.4 - Workflow & Statuses/Lifecycle of a Record



This is a self-guided class.
Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation.
Required Submission(s) for your implementation can be found at the bottom of each training section.



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Class Objectives

Understand the function of workflow in the system; Navigate through the workflow; Know the role of statuses; Understand what a task is and how to modify task info; Know how parallel tasks work; Use standard comments; Identify the difference between the inspeciton portlet and the inspection process workflow task; Assign tasks Understand the difference between application and task statuses; Understand how statuses function in the system; Use statuses for specific events.



Permit Tech, Plan Reviewer, Supervisor, 3rd Party, Inspector


Practice Instructions
This document lists the practice steps required to become proficient with the class objectives listed above.

Training Instructions (PDF)


Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 50 minutes

Workflow Intro (4:13 mins)

Active Task (1:33 mins)

Task Details (20:08 mins)

Supervisor (1:47 mins)

Parallel Tasks (8:51 mins)

Assign Tasks (8:42 mins)

Inspection Process Task (0:45 mins)

AdHoc Tasks (3:38 mins)


Supplemental Documentation

Workflows Statuses Timetracking (PDF)


Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 58 minutes

Status Intro (0:54 mins)

Relationship Between Task and Record Status (4:24 mins)

Positive, Negative, and Neutral Task Statuses (7:26 mins)

Important TSI (6:49 mins)

Issue Permit in ACA (0:58 mins)

Record Criteria (12:08 mins)

Related Record Creation (8:35 mins)

Time tracking (5:51 mins)

Workflow Email Triggers (7:13 mins)


Supplemental Documentation

None for this topic