2.0 - Inspections: Adding, Scheduling & Using IVR



This is a self-guided class. Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation. Required Submissions and Business Analysis Submissions for your implementation can be found at the bottom of this page.



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Class Objectives

Add new inspections to a record and set to pending or scheduled. Schedule inspections. Identify statewide standards relating to inspections, such as inspection numbering and same-day scheduling rules. Be familiar with the IVR system and its call flow for scheduling inspections. Re-assign inspections and, if applicable, understand how auto-assigning works. Have a general understanding of how calendars play a role in inspections related to scheduling and auto-assigning. Cancel and reschedule inspections. Identify several ways to troubleshoot inspection scheduling.



Inspector, Permit Tech, Supervisor, 3rd party


Practice Instructions
This document lists the practice steps required to become proficient with the class objectives listed above.

Training Instructions (PDF)


Adding and Scheduling Inspections
Demonstration Videos

TOTAL TIME: 1 hour, 12 minutes

Locating Inspection Portlets (2:44 mins)

Adding Pending Inspections (15:01 mins)

Managing Inspections (7:49 mins)

ACA Visibility (2:21 mins)

ePermitting Inspection Statewide Standards (2:03 mins)

Inspection Calendars (5:13 mins)

Assigning & Reassigning Inspections (9:21 mins)

Inspection Log (2:05 mins)

Scheduling Inspections Through ACA and IVR (11:07 mins)


Supplemental Documentation

Adding and Scheduling Inspections (PDF slide show)


Using IVR - Interactive Voice Response   
No Videos - Document Review Only

IVR Basics (PDF)


Supplemental Documentation

None for this topic