2.1 - Inspections: Resulting & Reporting



This is a self-guided class.
Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation.
Required Submission(s) for your implementation can be found at the bottom of each training section.



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Class Objectives

Result scheduled and unscheduled inspections; Locate, find, and query inspections.
Identify the various ways inspections can be resulted.
Use reports to provide inspection results and comments.
Use standard comments when resulting inspections.



Inspector, Permit Tech, Supervisor


Practice Instructions
This document lists the practice steps required to become proficient with the class objectives listed above.

2.1 - Training Instructions (PDF)


Inspecting: Resulting & Reporting
Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 29 minutes

Resulting Single vs. Multiple Inspections (10:50 mins)

Resulting Scheduled & Unscheduled Inspections (3:48 mins)

Inspection Results (5:20 mins)

Using Standard Comments & Attaching Documents to Inspection Results (4:06 mins)

Inspections Main Link (3:50 mins)


Supplemental Documentation

Resulting & Reporting Inspections (PDF)