3.0 - Money & Accounting



This is a self-guided class.
Review the training documentation below.
Required Submission(s) & Business Analysis for your implementation can be found at the bottom of each training section.



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Class Objectives

Identify your accounting practices, including balancing processes, and any change management procedures that need to be implemented.
Determine the contents of each fee schedule.
Determine if Point of Sale (POS) purchasing will be utilized.
Discuss payment types accepted.
Review and document refund processes.
Compile account codes for each fee.
Address the Virtual Merchant portion of the process.



Financial Rep, Supervisor, Permit Tech, 3rd Party


Practice Instructions
This document lists the practice steps required to become proficient with the class objectives listed above.

Training Instructions (PDF)


Money and Accounting Structure
Training Documentation

Money & Accounting Structure (PDF)

Virtual Merchant Cost Overview and Start Up Guide (PDF)

**Special Note: Do not start the Virtual Merchant application process earlier than 30 days prior to your estimated Go Live date to avoid monthly US Bank charges.