3.2 - Paying Fees



This is a self-guided class.
Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation.
Required Submission(s) & Business Analysis for your implementation can be found at the bottom of each training section.



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Class Objectives

Know when to invoice fees based on best practice.
Invoice fees.
Accept payment using multiple payment types.
Apply a partial payment to an individual fee item.
Accept payment on a POS item.





Practice Instructions
This document lists the practice steps required to become proficient with the class objectives listed above.

Training Instructions (PDF)


Paying Fees
Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Introduction and Tour of the Payment Portlet (7:35 mins)

Payment Details (5:44 mins)

Multiple Payment Methods (2:52 mins)

Fund Allocation Illustration (3:29 mins)

Full and Partial Payments (11:47 mins)

Deposits (2:39 mins)

Amount Not Applied (7:37 mins)

Giving Change (1:31 mins)

Credit Card Transactions (11:44 mins)

Point of Sale (POS) Payments (3:20 mins)

Receipt Reports (6:27 mins)


Supplemental Documentation

Paying (PDF)

Credit Card Magnetic Stripe Reader Options (PDF)