3.3 - Handling Refunds and Voids



You can find all of the content here that was shown during the live iLinc class. Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation as needed. Once available, you can also view a recording of the live iLinc class. The assignment for this class can be found below.



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Class Objectives

Know how to void/credit an individual fee; Know how to void paid fees and unpaid fees; Understand the importance of voiding a fee when conducting a refund; Understand the difference between voiding a fee and voiding a payment; Understand when it is okay to void a payment; Process a full refund; Process a partial refund.





Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Introduction and Review (9:14 mins)

Voiding Overview (2:18 mins)

Voiding Fees (16:09 mins)

Voiding Payment Transactions (10:27 mins)

Processing a Full Refund (16:10 mins)

Processing a Partial Refund (8:10 mins)

Process a Point of Sale (POS) Refund (4:29 mins)


Supplemental Documentation

Handling Refunds and Voids (PowerPoint)

Fund Transfers (PDF)

ePermitting Basic Terminology (PDF)