5.0 - Permissions Overview & Override Functions



You can find all of the content here that was shown during the live iLinc class. Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation as needed. Once available, you can also view a recording of the live iLinc class. The assignment for this class can be found below.



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Class Objectives

Understand what a report is and how it is represented in the system; Identify the various standard reports and the content they contain; Locate and generate system reports; Able to enter parameters and generate a report in the system; Know how to “reissue” or “regenerate” a report; Be able to locate reports already generated for a specific record; Recognize the reports that automatically attach to a record and those reports that are setup for emailing; Demonstrate and understand the fields that are required for some reports to generate correctly; Be able to conduct some basic report troubleshooting skills.





5.0 Permissions Overview & User Profiles
There are no iLinc recordings for self-guided trainings.

Permissions Overview & User Profiles (PowerPoint)

Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 6 mins

Permissions and User Profile Overview (6:11 mins)


5.0 Activities for Users with Override Authority
iLinc Recording from Jan 8, 2013

Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 22 mins

Record Expiration Summary (4:50 mins)

Record Expiration Lists and Letters (10:24 mins)

Extend an application or permit (2:58 mins)

Reinstate an application permit that has become expired (5:58 mins)

Reissue a permit (3:45 mins)

Edit plan review (workflow task) comments after submission (2:38 mins)

Modify inspection results after submission (1:27 mins)

Supplemental Documentation

Record Expiration Summary (PDF)

How to run the Expiration List report (PDF)

How to run the Expiration Letter script (PDF)

User Group Descriptions (PDF)

User Group Detailed Matrix (PDF)