5.1 - Citizen Access (ACA)



You can find all of the content here that was shown during the live iLinc class. Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation as needed. Once available, you can also view a recording of the live iLinc class. The assignment for this class can be found below.



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Class Objectives

Understand how a customer submits an online application; Understand that it is available 24/7; Navigate through ACA to purchase a permit; Know what kinds of information can be accessed in ACA and where to find it; Understand the requirements for using ACA; Identify the difference between a registered and anonymous user; Attach document, Schedule inspections, View comments and record status, and Pay fees in ACA.



Permit Tech, 3rd Party, Inspector, Plan Reviewer


5.1 ACA Basics
Pre-recorded Session
iLinc Recording from Jan 9, 2013


5.1 Using ACA for More than Application Intake
Self Guided
There are no iLinc recordings for self-guided trainings.

Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 34 minutes

Introduction (4:03 mins)

After Application Intake (5:55 mins)

Paying for Fees on ACA (5:34 mins)

Scheduling Inspections on ACA (8:20 mins)

Uploading Documents using ACA (2:04 mins)

Searching for Records using ACA (7:10 mins)

Supplemental Documentation

Information from ACA (PDF)

Information that is visible in ACA (PDF)