5.3 - Related Records & Using Sets


You can find all of the content here that was shown during the live iLinc class. Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation as needed. Once available, you can also view a recording of the live iLinc class. The assignment for this class can be found below.



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Class Objectives

Understand the difference between related records and a set; Create a set; Clone to create a related record; Lookup to link/relate records; Utilize sets and take payment on multiple records; Work with phased permits, revisions, temp c of o, and deferred submittals; Understand when to utilize a combo record type.



ALL, except IT Rep


5.3 Relating and Cloning Records

Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 50 mins

Introduction (2:49 mins)

Creating Related Records using the RELATED RECORDS ASI table (11:19 mins)

Creating Related Records and using the Clone button (10:54 mins)

Using the Revisions record type (7:47 mins)

Using the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy record type (4:51 mins)

How to handle phased projects (8:36 mins)

Using the Deferred Submittal record type (3:36 mins)

Supplemental Documentation

Relating and Cloning Records (PPT)


5.3 Working with Sets
iLinc Recording from Jan 16, 2013

Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 24 mins

Introduction (4:34 mins)

Creating Sets Automatically (9:41 mins)

Manually Creating Sets (2:58 mins)

Processing a Set Payment (3:37 mins)

Other Record Set Actions (2:42 mins)

Supplemental Documentation

Working with Sets (PowerPoint)