6.0 - Using EDR for Plan Review



You can find all of the content here that was shown during the live iLinc class. Watch each demonstration video and review the supplemental documentation as needed. Once available, you can also view a recording of the live iLinc class. The assignment for this class can be found below.



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Class Objectives

Apply the system settings required for Accela EDR; Apply the suggested customization options for Adobe Acrobat Pro X; Navigate the Adobe Acrobat Pro X interface; Conduct plan review using the Adobe Acrobat Pro X tools; Utilize the EDR tool functionality; Refresher on plan revision process; Use ComparA for overlay or side-by-side comparison of two PDF documents; Check-in plans and merge all reviewers comments; Review document audit log.



Plan Reviewer, Permit Tech, Supervisor, 3rd Party, IT Rep


Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 1 hr, 38 mins
iLinc Recording from Feb 20, 2013

Introduction (2:10 mins)

System Requirements (1:20 mins)

Configuration Requirements (2:32 mins)

Adobe Acrobat Pro X Customization (7:29 mins)

Adobe Acrobat Pro X Interface (7:49 mins)

Roles During the Plan Review Process (3:52 mins)

Plan Review Process: Document Upload and Document Intake (9:09 mins)

Plan Review Process: Review Plans (11:16 mins)

Plan Review Process: Document Information (2:06 mins)

Plan Review Process: Revisions (8:00 mins)

Plan Review Process: Completeness (1:22 mins)

Acrobat Tools (16:02 mins)

Securing Markup and Comments (12:25 mins)

Using ComparA to Compare Two Different PDF Documents (7:08 mins)


Supplemental Documentation

Using EDR for Plan Review (PowerPoint)

EDR User Guide from Accela (PDF)

ComparA Release Notes and User Guide from Accela (PDF)

Creating Custom Stamps for Adobe Acrobat Pro X (PDF)

Documentation and File to Flatten Fields and Comments in PDF (URL)

Sign and Certify a PDF While Allowing Annotations and Markup (PDF)