6.1 - Using AMO & Inspector App



Using Accela Mobile App & the Inspector App



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Class Objectives

Install AMO; Use search feature in AMO; Look up record details in AMO; Result inspections in AMO; Generate inspection report in AMO; Use routing in AMO; Sync in AMO; Use the GIS map within AMO; Install Inspector App; Know what the Inspector App can do and what it cannot do; Result inspections using the Inspector App.



IT Rep, Inspector, Permit Tech, 3rd Party, Supervisor


6.1 Using AMO
Demonstration Videos
TOTAL TIME: 1 hr, 20 mins
iLinc Recording from Feb 27, 2013

Introduction (3:23 mins)

Logging In (2:08 mins)

Interface (3:07 mins)

Syncing and "Store and Forward" (1:56 mins)

Managing the Job List (15:47 mins)

Using GIS in AMO (3:14 mins)

Viewing Inspection Details and Resulting an Inspection (10:35 mins)

Save, Submit, and Transaction Log (7:10 mins)

Read Only Inspections (3:02 mins)

Searching for Records (10:03 mins)

Viewing Record Details (8:12 mins)

Creating Custom Queries to Use in the Synch Process (5:08 mins)

Using Reports in AMO (6:05 mins)

Logging into AMO (PDF)

Supplemental Documentation

Using AMO (PowerPoint)

AMO and Inspector App comparison chart (PDF)


6.1 Using Inspector App

There are no iLinc recordings for self-guided trainings.

Inspector App (Combined document that includes all of the PDFs listed below) (PDF)

Logging In (PDF)

Manage the Job List (PDF)

View Inspection Details and Result an Inspection (PDF)

Generate an Inspection Report (PDF)

Create a New Inspection (PDF)

Reassign/Reschedule Inspections (PDF)

Additional Menu Options (PDF)