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Information for continuing education providers

Beginning July 1, 2006, new administrative rules implement HB 2181, a bill that streamlined and standardized boiler, electrical, elevator, and plumbing licensing processes. Among other things, the rules require continuing education providers to electronically submit course information and rosters using course numbers and spreadsheets provided by the division.

Administrative processes for continuing ed providers
Continuing education provisions affecting licensees
Course and instructor approval forms
List of continuing education course numbers
Reporting procedures for continuing ed providers
Roster submittal Excel spreadsheet (BCD-approved format)
Spreadsheet instructions

New administrative processes for continuing ed providers:
  • Application for course or instructor approval may take place any time during a code cycle.

  • Courses and instructors are approved for the duration of a code cycle (typically three years).

  • Instructors may apply for approval as part of the course approval process or may apply independent of the course approval process.

  • Code-change classes: Either a board or the division develops content requirements for these courses for each code cycle.

  • Code-change classes can be taken-and the credit counted-any time during the three-year renewal cycle.
New reporting procedures for continuing ed providers
  • Instructors must submit attendee rosters to BCD electronically in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • BCD no longer accepts original rosters, copies of rosters, e-mails listing attendees, or any format other than the Excel spreadsheet mentioned above.

  • Providers must document course completion and give proof to each attendee.

  • For multi-part courses, instructors are required to send in the names of individuals only after they have completed all of the parts of the course, unless parts or a combination of parts are approved separately.

  • A civil penalty may be issued or other action taken, including revocation of approval of a continuing education course or instructor, for failure to meet the requirements of Division 035.
Continuing education provisions affecting licensees
  • Licensees can accrue code-change continuing education credit any time during the 3-year renewal cycle.

  • During each three-year license cycle, individuals will be required to complete either 24, 16, eight, four or zero hours of continuing education.