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Edition date: August 27, 2008

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Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

Board meetings
September, October 2008

September 4: Building Codes Structures Board - Teleconference

September 9: Board of Boiler Rules

September 10: Mechanical Board

September 11: Manufactured Structures & Parks Advisory Board

September 25: Electrical and Elevator Board

October 1: Residential Structures Board

October 17: Oregon State Plumbing Board

Committee meetings and hearings

September 16 - Rulemaking Hearings:
9:30 a.m. - HB 2475 electrical energizing installations rule

10:00 a.m. - Moisture content in construction materials

10:30 a.m. - OSSC mid-cycle code amendments

1:30 p.m. - Civil penalty matrix changes

2:00 p.m. - Electrical program assumption clarification

Contact a Regional Coordinator

Wendy Beard

Cell: 503-910-9243

Michael Morter
Cell: 503-507-7858

Michael Morter
Cell: 503-507-7858

Tim Lindsey
Cell: 541-306-1126

Jerod Broadfoot
jerod.a.broadfoot@state.or.us Cell: 541-240-1256

Manager, Regional Program Services
Dave Galati
Cell: 503-798-7581

News Updates - August 27, 2008

New alternate method for selective coordination

BCD recently adopted another statewide alternate method (SAM), OESC 08-04. The Electrical and Elevator Board approved the scientific and technical facts of the alternate method at its July 24, 2008 meeting. Statewide Alternate Method OESC 08-04 establishes that the requirements in NEC 700.27, 701.18, and 708.54 for selective coordination may be demonstrated by providing a selective coordination study utilizing trip-curve data in the range of 0.1 seconds or more. Local building officials may inspect the electrical system of a person who chooses to build his or her system under this alternate method to ensure compliance with the established standard range of 0.1 seconds or more.

Sign up for the online OESC code change course

Don't put it off, you know you need to take a code change course and this is the perfect format. You can sit at your desk and take the class online. BCD is offering an OESC Code Change course using the GoToWebinar platform, which is Web based. The four-hour class will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 am on Tuesday, September 16 and Thursday September 18. You must take both sessions to receive the 4 continuing education credits. If you sign up today we will send you an invitation to be a part of this class. Because we can only accommodate 25 participants for the course, it will be on a first come, first serve basis. So click on the link above to get your name at the top of the list!

Adhesive anchors approved as alternate method

The Building Codes Division has approved a new statewide alternate method allowing for the continued use of adhesive anchors in concrete. The Oregon Structural Specialty Code currently only allows for the use of adhesive anchors that have met the acceptance criteria established by the International Codes Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). Due to a backlog of work, the ICC-ES has approved only one adhesive anchor for use, although several manufacturers have completed third-party testing and are just waiting for approval. The ICC-ES reports that it may take up to a year to approve additional products. This alternate method allows for the use of adhesive anchors that are not currently approved if special conditions are met. Under the alternate method, the adhesive anchors must have a legacy report approved by either the 1997 Uniform Building Code or the 2000 International Building Code; the design shall be based on a reduction in listed values; engineering design calculations must be submitted; and continuous special inspections are required. The alternate method only applies to projects submitted prior to May 1, 2009, as the ICC-ES should be caught up by that time. If you have any questions or comments please contact Richard Rogers, Structural Program Chief at (503) 378-4472, or richard.rogers@state.or.us.

Building Codes Division has a new look on their Web site

Have you been on vacation or out of the office this week? Then you might not be aware of the changes to our Web site. Check out the new front page on the BCD Web site. There are several new features, the news story in the middle of the page - Greening the building codes - will be a monthly affair. You may even want to suggest topics for future news stories. The What's New section lets you know what has been added to the Web site recently. The left-hand navigational bar, which stays the same no matter where you are on the site, has been organized into groups of information. There are also additions to this bar like e-permitting and we've added the license holder search. So take a look around and let us know what you think. You can contact Sherri West at sherri.d.west@state.or.us or 503-373-7509.

Regional Program Services

Regional coordinators are a great part of BCD customer service
Brian's Cabinets of Bend recently contacted Central Oregon Regional Coordinator, Tim Lindsey, while looking for information on ADA requirements for cabinet spaces and dimensions for sink bases. They were having troubles finding what they needed on the BCD web site. During their search they found Tim's name and number as a regional contact for their area and gave him a call. After some discussion, Tim was able to walk them through the process and help them locate the information they needed.

The requirements the company was looking for is part of Chapter 11, Accessibility of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code. Tim said, "I pointed out that all the structural, mechanical, residential and plumbing specialty codes were now available for viewing on the BCD web site. By simply clicking on the one they needed from the list on the front page of the Web site, the table of contents for the code would appear and they could link to the chapter relevant to their needs. In assisting the folks at Brian's Cabinets I was able to help them find the relevant text as well as the architectural graphics located at the back of the chapter. Having the codes available online has been a real plus in terms of talking and trying to assist folks with code issues." While Tim likes the fact that the codes are available on line, Brian's Cabinets appreciated the quick response and help provided by the Regional Services Program. Plus the fact that one visit to BCD's Web site gave them all the information they needed to continue their search. This is a great example of two of BCD's customer friendly services at work, which are available to everyone in Oregon.


Help on understanding more about the addition to state surcharge
As the first in a series of articles about all the new things that are happening with ePermitting at BCD, we decided to ask Patrick Allen, deputy administrator at BCD, some questions about the January 1, 2008 addition to the state surcharge. You can take a look at the interview at this link. Then let us know if you have questions and/or what you would like to learn about ePermitting in future articles. For ePermitting questions you can contact Gary Basin at gary.p.basin@state.or.us or 503-373-7755. If you have ideas for future articles in the series contact Sherri West at sherri.d.west@state.or.us.


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