Edition: Vol. 01, No. 09
Edition date: October 22, 2008

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Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

BCD Events
November, December 2008

The City of Clatskanie has applied to assume the electrical program from Columbia County. Objections must be received by November 14, 2008.

GreenPlumbers Course Series

November 1, 2008:
Climate Care

November 15, 2008: Inspection Report Services

Solar Hot Water

Board meetings
November, December 2008

November 5: Building Codes Structures Board

November 6: Residential Structures Board: Additional meeting, teleconference

November 20: Electrical and Elevator Board

December 2: Board of Boiler Rules

December 3: Mechanical Board

December 19: Oregon State Plumbing Board

Public meetings and hearings

October 29 - Task force meeting:
9:30 a.m. - ORSC Section R 703.1 Task Force

November 18 - Rulemaking hearings:
9:30 a.m. - Adoption of the 2008 Oregon Elevator Specialty Code

10:00 a.m. - Interim amendments to the Oregon Residential Specialty Code

10:30 a.m. - Local code amendment request

11:00 a.m. - Electrical vehicle charging stations

Contact a Regional Coordinator

Wendy Beard

Cell: 503-910-9243

Michael Morter
Cell: 503-507-7858

Michael Morter
Cell: 503-507-7858

Tim Lindsey
Cell: 541-306-1126

Jerod Broadfoot
jerod.a.broadfoot@state.or.us Cell: 541-240-1256

Manager, Regional Program Services
(Recruiting for position)


News Updates - October 22, 2008

Division forms task force to address issues
surrounding wall assemblies and drainage

The division has formed a task force to discuss questions related to Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC) section R703.1, which requires that the assembly of an exterior wall be constructed in such a manner that it prevents the accumulation of water in the wall and provides a means of draining water entering the assembly of the exterior wall.

The questions primarily concern the performance expectation and intent of section R703.1. The discussion centers around the following question: "what does a means of draining water from the wall assembly mean?" At the Residential Structures Board meeting on October 1, the board requested that a task force be formed to further discuss the expectation of this new language in ORSC section R703.1.

The task force will hold it's first meeting on Wednesday, October 29 at 9:30 a.m. in Conference Room A at the Building Codes Division's Salem office. This meeting will also be streamed live over the Internet. To watch the meeting, and review information regarding the task force, visit the task force's website.

Training on the "How To's" of the
International Existing Building Code (IEBC)

On October 1, 2008 the statewide alternate method allowing the use of the IEBC with Oregon amendments became effective. BCD is developing a pilot Web based training to help explain the new alternate method entitled: How the International Existing Building Code (with Oregon amendments) Works. The class will be taught in two sessions. Half the course will be given on Wednesday, November 12, and the other half will be on November 13. Both classes will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. The instructors for the course will be Richard Rogers, Lori Graham, and Eric Watson. The Web based course will provide and introduction to the IEBC, explain the different paths an individual can take, and details on what the Oregon amendments are and how they will affect the user.

The software we are using to present this online training creates a virtual classroom atmosphere and gives students multiple ways to ask questions and interact with the instructors. Unfortunately, we only have 25 openings for this Web based course. You can get your name on the list of possible attendees, but keep in mind that we want a diverse audience from different areas of the building community. Be aware if you are not one of the participants of the class you can still get the information via the recording of the class which will be available on our Web site for your viewing pleasure.

Building Codes sets standards for electric car charging stations

Building Codes Division (BCD) recently adopted statewide standards for the installation and inspection of electric car charging stations. These new standards were adopted by rule in order to address barriers to Portland General Electric's pilot project to install electric car charging stations in locations throughout the Willamette Valley. The standards are the latest in a series of moves by the division to support the governor's sustainability and green economic agenda.

Electrical permits issued by jurisdictions

It recently came to the division's attention that there is a difference of opinion among jurisdictions regarding who is allowed to buy electrical permits. ORS 479.560 requires building departments to issue electrical permits to homeowners doing their own work, licensed electrical contractors, or a person designated in writing by the electrical contractor (such as an administrative assistant, office manager, wife, etc.). Permits must be signed by the contractor's signing supervisor prior to inspection, but neither the rules (OAR 918-309-0000) nor the statute require the presence of a signing supervisor when an electrical permit is issued.

Regional Program Services

Central Oregon hosted the second regional forum
BCD's Regional Services Program organized the second in a series of regional forums, which was held in Redmond on October 8. The division invited the Construction Contractors Board (CCB) and Oregon Department of Energy to participate. The focus of the forum centered around key issues for the region. The presentation included information on Green Building with an emphasis on how to receive energy tax credits. CCB also provided an update on the upcoming requirements for continuing education by sharing their implementation timeline. Shane Sumption, BCD structural code and ADA specialist, presented both an historical background and a preview of changes in the ADA requirements that will affect future construction in Oregon. The audience was particularly interested in this segment because many of the participants were design professionals who appreciated the opportunity to meet and ask questions of Sumption in person.

BCD's Regional Program Services is planning on providing forums to several other areas of the state. They would appreciate input on future topics that are relevant and address local concerns. Contact your regional coordinator and let them know what issues are important in your area. Also, if you have already attended a forum and have feedback on the event, please share your comments with them. An important goal of the Regional Program Services section is to build stronger ties between BCD and the communities we serve. The regional coordinators would appreciate your help in meeting this goal.


The excitement is building
As this newsletter goes to print (digital…) there is a buzz in the West Salem office. The Business Process Workgroup has gathered and seems dedicated to making the final ePermitting product work well for everyone. This group represents many of the pieces of the puzzle that will create the new system.

There are other parts of the project that are also coming into focus. In a few weeks there will be a new Web site with all sorts of helpful information available. The site is the place to go for information on what is happening in ePermitting for local building departments, contractors, and property owners. You will also be able to learn more about Accela, Inc., the company working with the state to provide the system.

Another piece of the project is a new directory of responsibility, we will be launching a new name with this new directory. The new directory has a search feature that allows you to enter an address or zip code to locate the building department who has responsibility for the location you have entered. The search results not only provides the name and address of the jurisdiction's building department, but also includes a link to the building department's Web site and lists the types of permits the jurisdiction is responsible for.

Stay tuned for updates on what ePermitting is up to and a detailed report on what the Business Process Workgroup is compiling this week!

If your jurisdiction is interested in the ePermitting system, you should complete a letter of interest and get it to BCD no later than October 31. Obviously, many jurisdictions may need a more detailed presentation from one of our information teams made up of technical staff, program staff, and representatives of Accela. BCD is willing to organize these information sessions before the October 31st deadline. Please contact Patrick Allen at 503-378-2872 or patrick.allen@state.or.us if your jurisdiction has any questions or would like to schedule a presentation.


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