Edition: Vol. 02, No. 12
Edition date: July 14, 2009


Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

BCD Events

BCD 1% Training courses: Residential Green Building and the Building Codes

July 29: Grants Pass

August 11: Bend

August 12: Baker City

Questions? Call Johnathan at 503.378.9066, Ext 5 or email: jbalkema@oregonhba.com

Board meetings
July, August, September

July 23: Electrical and Elevator Board meeting

August 5: Mechanical Board meeting (rescheduled from September 2)

August 21: Oregon State Plumbing Board meeting

September 1: Board of Boiler Rules meeting

September 10: Manufactured Structures and Parks Advisory Board meeting

September 24: Electrical and Elevator Board meeting

September 30: Building Codes Structures Board meeting (rescheduled from August 5)

Public meetings and hearings

July 21: Rulemaking Hearing

July 22: Oregon Structural Code Committee

Adopted Rules

General supervising electrician requirements
Effective 7/1/09


News Updates - July 14, 2009

Two ways to access your legislative training

Legislative training for building officials on the bills passed during the 2009 Oregon legislative session is available from two different venues this year. The Oregon Building Officials Association (OBOA) is holding a class at its annual meeting in Bend, July 15 through 17. BCD is creating an online course that will be available, at no charge to the student, from the main Web site sometime before the end of July. Both classes will cover the legislation that passed during the 2009 legislature dealing with issues that effect building officials and jurisdictions.

Building officials need to take this legislative training (law change) course as part of the continuing education requirements that are specified in OAR 918-098-1450 (4). The online class will be accessible from BCD's Web site for up to a year. If you have any questions about this course please contact Sherri West at Sherri.D.West@state.or.us or 503-373-7509.

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