Edition: Vol. 04, No. 10
Edition date: October 12, 2011


Important information from the Oregon Building Codes Division to local building departments.

BCD Office Closures


BCD Events



October 4: Board of Boiler Rules - Rescheduled from 9/13

October 5: Residential and Manufactured Structures Board - Canceled

October 20: State Plumbing Board

November 2: Building Codes Structures Board

November 15: Rulemaking Hearing

November 17: Electrical and Elevator Board

Jurisdiction Questions or Issues

Email: localjurisdictioncontact.bcd

Aeron Teverbaugh

News Updates - October 12, 2011

Announcing the Better Buildings for Oregon Blog

What's green and orange and red all over? If you guessed the Better Buildings for Oregon Blog, you are correct!

BCD is excited to bring you one of the first blogs in state government. Our blog is focused on how building codes support green and high-performance construction as well as providing information and ideas on a variety of related topics such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Unlike a newsletter, a blog allows for a conversation and an exchange of ideas. We hope to hear from stakeholders and customers about your thoughts on green building topics. The blog will be moderated and all postings are subject to Oregon's public records law. You may want to take a look at the "terms of use" that we have posted on the blog.

Please check out the blog - we hope to hear from you soon! You can subscribe to the blog by clicking on the RSS feed icon in the bottom right-hand corner. For more information, contact Gabrielle Schiffer at 503-373-7418 or gabrielle.m.schiffer@state.or.us.

2011 legislative training coming in late October

BCD is in the process of developing legislative training for inspectors, plans examiners, and building officials on bills passed during the 2011 Oregon legislative session. BCD is creating a free online course that will be available from our website in late October, with interactive webinar opportunities in November. Similar to 2009, the online course will include summaries of new legislation and questions relating to these summaries.

Certified individuals who attended the Oregon Building Officials Association class at its annual meeting in Bend from July 20-22 were given credit for that class and do not have to take the course.

Inspectors, plans examiners, and building officials are required to take this legislative training (law change) course as part of their continuing education requirements as specified in OAR 918-098-1450. The online class will be accessible from BCD's website for up to a year.

If you have any questions about this course, contact Tiffani Alexander at tiffani.k.alexander@state.or.us or 503-373-1248.

Updated solar code commentary available

The division has updated the Oregon Solar Installation Specialty Code Commentary. While no substantive changes have been made to the solar code during this interim period, the division is issuing an errata sheet and the updated commentary. The commentary provides a section-by-section explanation of the provisions of the code. The idea is that it should act as both an ongoing interpretation of the code and also take the place of mandatory code change training. The commentary has been updated to address questions received by the division over the past year. The commentary provides additional clarifications for the agricultural exemption, public ways, and public service agencies. Additionally, a new illustration has been added to help clarify the connection requirements within three feet of a hip, ridge, or eave. The appendices to the code have also been updated. Appendix A now contains the most recent amendments to the 2011 Oregon Electrical Specialty Code and Appendix B now contains more complete span tables. The commentary is meant to be a resource for jurisdictions enforcing the solar code, offering explanations and guidance. If you have any questions about the latest commentary, contact Aeron Teverbaugh at aeron.teverbaugh@state.or.us or 503-373-1354.

Building inspection program renewal reminder

Jurisdictions in Program Administration Group Three should be receiving notices that it is time to send in your program renewal form. ORS 455.148 and 455.150 require jurisdictions to renew their programs every four years. Renewal forms, along with an updated operating plan and a copy of any Intergovernmental Agreement for building inspections services are due in to the division by Jan. 1, 2012. If you have questions about your program administration group, a complete list can be found on the Jurisdictions page. If you have questions about the renewal process, or if you are unable to meet the Jan. 1 deadline, contact Aeron Teverbaugh at aeron.teverbaugh@state.or.us or 503-373-1354.

FREE ePermitting webinar using Accela
Electronic Document Review (EDR)

If you were unable to attend the live webinar demonstration of the enhanced EDR for the ePermitting system, it's not too late.

Watch now as the replay video shows you first hand how these new features and functionality can make your permitting processes easier, faster, and more accessible.

The one-hour session addresses all the major points of the improved EDR system including automations integration of Adobe Pro 10, and is an excellent introduction into the world of electronic plan review.

Residential provisions of the Oregon Reach Code go into effect

The residential provisions of the Oregon Reach Code (ORC) became effective Oct. 1, 2011. On July 20, the Construction Industry Energy Board moved the residential provisions of the ORC to public hearing marking the successful completion of Oregon's first Reach Code development process.

The code advisory committee wrapped up its work on May 25. The committee recommended that both the residential and commercial provisions be housed in a single code. There are three different methods for building to the ORC residential provisions, contained in Chapter 13. The first method is prescriptive based off of Oregon Residential Specialty Code's Chapter 11. The ORC contains an updated table for energy conservation and envelope measures for builders to choose from. The second method allows builders to choose from a number of selective measures. The third method provides the most flexibility, allowing the builders to model the performance of the structure. Smaller houses are incentivized by being required to achieve fewer points or a lower performance score.

In addition, homes built to the ORC must be "renewable ready," which means that a designated amount of space for a chase or conduit is reserved and labeled for future solar installations. The ORC also contains alternate approved methods to be used in conjunction with the code, including structural sheathing over foam, light straw clay construction, and site-built composting toilets.

While both the commercial and residential provisions are available on BCD's Reach Code webpage, we expect printed copies to hit the street January 2012.

For more information, contact Mark Heizer at 503-373-0205 or mark.r.heizer@state.or.us.

Stakeholder survey and RFP informational meeting

BCD is reaching out to its 1% Training program stakeholders to get their opinions on what types of courses the program will sponsor in the coming year. The program is already contracting out for classes on the Oregon Residential Specialty Code, the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code, the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code, and a course being developed on the accessibility changes in Chapter 11 of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code.

We are sending a survey to people and organizations that have provided training for the 1% Training program in the past. This survey will ask participants for their ideas on format, timelines, and program content for 2012.

We are also providing an informational meeting on the State of Oregon's request for proposal (RFP) process. This session will give an in-depth overview of the steps to take when submitting proposals to the state. We will also discuss some new methods for working with qualified instructors. This informational meeting is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17, at BCD in Conference Room A.

If you want to participate in either the survey or the information session, contact Sherri West at sherri.d.west@state.or.us or 503-373-7509.

BCD Boards

Every board and commission is an integral participant in state government. Although board involvement may require a great deal of time and energy, the rewards of public service hopefully make it worthwhile.

Individuals are usually recommended by a professional association or special interest group to provide the board with technical expertise and to bring the point of view of that group to the board. Members are not appointed to a board to serve only as the representative of a specific group. If the group's interest conflicts with that of the general public, the member's primary responsibility is to the public.

It is important to keep in mind that all members have been appointed to a board to serve the public at large. The concerns and points of view of all interested parties must be represented and considered, but ultimately the primary responsibility of every board member is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.

The citizens of Oregon, the construction community, and the Building Codes Division staff, thank members that have served and are currently serving on Oregon's Division State Boards for their time and commitment. Several new board appointments and re-appointments have recently occurred.

The Electrical and Elevator Board formally said goodbye to Lowell Arno of Tice Electric Company, representing the electrical contractor position. Arno served as chairman of the board since November 2005 and was vice-chair of the Construction Industry Energy Board. Steven Trapp of EC Company succeeds that position and was unanimously voted by members to represent the Electrical and Elevator Board by serving in the vacant position on the Construction Industry Energy Board. Trapp's experience in the electrical industry started in 1977 with his electrical apprenticeship and continued through his current employment at EC Electrical Construction Company where he serves as vice president of construction with his supervisor and master electrician license in four states.

The Residential and Manufactured Structures Board will formally say goodbye to Ray Miller of Miller Consulting Engineers, Inc., representing the structural engineer position, at the board's January meeting. Miller has served as chairman of the board since February 2004. Miller has more than 40 years of structural engineering experience and is a registered professional engineer in 14 states. Tonya Halog of James G. Pierson, Inc. succeeds the structural engineer position. Halog has been a licensed structural engineer in Oregon since 1997 and is a registered professional engineer in eight states. Halog says that serving on the Residential and Manufactured Structures Board will be a valuable learning experience.

The Residential and Manufactured Structures Board will also bid adieu to David DeHarpport of Four D Construction, who represented the residential structural contractor position on the board. DeHarpport served as vice-chair of the board since February 2004. DeHarpport has served on many of the division's code committees and has been a member of this board since 2004. Jan Lewis of Tryon Creek Construction succeeds this position. Lewis has worked in the construction industry in Oregon for 34 years and she has owned her construction company for 22 years. Lewis is a certified master builder.

Other confirmed executive appointments and re-appointments

The Senate Interim Committee on Rules and Executive Appointments has confirmed additional executive appointments and re-appointments to BCD's advisory boards:

Building Codes Structures Board (ORS 455.132)
Eric McMullen, Vice-chair
Position representing - Fire protection agency rep
Re-appointment to second four-year term [expires 06/30/2015]

Electrical and Elevator Board (ORS 455.138)
Glenda Waddle
Position representing - Owner/mgr of commercial office bldg
New appointment to first four-year partial term [expires 10/30/2015]

James Fahey
Position representing - Commercial underwriter
Re-appointment to second four-year term [expires 06/30/2015]

Residential and Manufactured Structures Board (ORS 455.135)
Rick Torgerson
Position representing - Manufacturer of manufactured dwellings
New appointment to first four-year unexpired term [expires 06/30/2013]

Board vacancies
BCD has six governor-appointed boards that assist the division with its work. The following positions are currently vacant:


Designated Position

Mechanical Board

Natural gas company or other utility

Residential & Manufactured Structures Board

Public member


Summary of enforcement cases presented
to the Board of Boiler Rules

Summary report: These cases were resolved by the division's enforcement section without going to a contested case hearing. No action was required by the Board of Boiler Rules.

Summary of enforcement cases presented
to the Electrical and Elevator Board
Summary report: These cases were resolved by the division's enforcement section without going to a contested case hearing. No action was required by the Electrical and Elevator Board.

Final orders after hearing: These cases went to a contested case hearing. Each penalty assessment was reviewed and approved by the Electrical and Elevator Board.

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