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2010 Oregon Structural Specialty Code Committee

Code amendment proposals

Code amendment proposals were accepted by the division until May 21, 2009. The following is a comprehensive list of all public proposals received by the division relating to amendments for the 2009 International Building Code through construction practices or methods, for possible adoption on April 1, 2010. An application number was assigned to each code amendment proposal to streamline the code committee review process.
BCD Proposals
  BCD Proposal OSSC10-46 - Portable fire extinguishers
  BCD Proposal OSSC10-47 - Fuel supply
  BCD Proposal OSSC10-48 - Emergency responder radio coverage
  BCD Proposal OSSC10-49 - Size and spacing of handrails and grab bars
Public Proprosals
  OSSC 10-01 Section 101.1 - Proposal to change the name of the code.
  OSSC 10-02 Section 910 - Proposal would add testing requirement to smoke and heat vents.
  OSSC 10-03 Section 1704.12.5 - Modifies test requirements for spray applied fire proofing
  OSSC 10-04 Adds new section 1501.2 requiring fall protection anchorages in certain structures
  OSSC 10-05 Section 1613.7.6 - Changes the trigger for lateral bracing requirement for ceilings from 144 sq. ft to 1000 sq. ft.
  OSSC 10-06 Section 1008.1.9.3 Amends criteria for allowing key-operated locking devices
  OSSC 10-07 Section 903.2.7 Amends sprinkler threshold for Group M Occupancies
(Proposal withdrawn by proponent on 5/26/09)
  OSSC 10-08 Section 903. Amends balcony and deck sprinkler requirement
  OSSC 10-09 Section 9.6.1 Adds section addressing fire extinguishers in existing buildings
(Proposal withdrawn by proponent on 6/25/09)
  OSSC 10-10 Adds Section 2305.4 modifying shear wall capacity calculation of AF&PA SWPWS
  OSSC 10-11 Section 1613.7 modifies existing amendments to ASCE 7
  OSSC 10-12 Section 1613.7 modifies existing amendments to ASCE 7
  OSSC 10-13 Section 1613.7 modifies existing amendments to ASCE 7
  OSSC 10-14 Section 1608.2 Changes base document for determining snow loads
  OSSC 10-15 Table 1607.1 Adds Foot bridge load values to the table
  OSSC 10-16 1608.1 Changes base document for snow load design
  OSSC 10-17 Table 1607.1 Deletes specific reference to habitable attic from load table
  OSSC 10-18 Section 603.1 Exceptions. Adds exception for certain use of fire retardant treated wood
  OSSC 10-19 Section 705.5 Adds continuity language for fire rated exterior walls
  OSSC 10-20 Section 704.8 Specifies spacing of allowable openings in exterior walls
  OSSC 10-22 Section 1009.1 Modifies width of certain stairways in Group E occupancies
  OSSC 10-23 Section 1405.6.2 Modifies seismic requirements specific to anchored masonry veneer
  OSSC 10-24 Section 2104.1 Modifies Certain requirements related to grout fill heights
  OSSC 10-25 Section 2107.3 Adds language specific to certain anchor bolt installations
  OSSC 10-26 Section 2107.1 Modifies load combination design language
  OSSC 10-27 Section 2108.2 Adds language specific to certain anchor bolt installations
  OSSC 10-28 Section 3202.2 Deletes exceptions to prohibition of encroachments into the public way
  OSSC 10-29 Section 3202.2.1 Adds handrail language to projecting steps
  OSSC 10-30 Section 3401.4.2 Amends language specific to new and replacement materials
  OSSC 10-31 Section 3405.2.2 Amends allowable materials for certain repairs
  OSSC 10-32 Section 3405.2.3 Amends standard certain building rehabilitations are designed to
  OSSC 10-33 Section 3405.3 Modifies Language specific to substantial structural damage to gravity load-carrying components
  OSSC 10-34 Section 3405.4 Amends language specific to less than substantial structural damage
  OSSC 10-35 Table 601 Adds footnote specific to non-load bearing wall fire rating
  OSSC 10-42 Section 3401.4 amends and adds modifications to compliance under the IEBC
  OSSC 10-43 Chapter 11 ADAAG Figures 39(b) and 39(c) deletes these handrail options
  OSSC 10-44 Section 2308.3.2 Amends braced wall line connections language
  OSSC 10-45 Section 2902.2 Amends occupant load calculation for certain fixture uses