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2010 Oregon Structural Specialty Code - ADA Standards Committee

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Notices, agendas, minutes, and archived video
Meeting handouts and submitted documents
Code amendment proposal process
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Dana Fischer, Code Para-Technical Specialist, at Dana.C.Fischer@state.or.us, 503-373-0226.
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Review of 2009 International Building Code (IBC) - Accessibility

With the US DOJ release of the 2010 American's with Disabilities Act Standards, the State of Oregon must proceed with the adoption of a consistent standard such as the accessibility provisions of the 2009 IBC. This will establish a new baseline for providing minimum accessibility in the state. Accordingly, the Structural Code Committee is being asked to review and make a recommendation to the Building Codes Structures Board for the adoption of an amended version of the 2009 IBC with an effective date of January 1, 2012. The review will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Harmonization of required statutory amendments
  • Review of certain existing Oregon amendments
  • Review of new public proposals

2009 IBC Sections for review include:

  • Section 1007 - Accessible means of egress
  • Chapter 11 - Accessibility
  • Section 3411 - Accessibility for existing buildings

The Committee will also be reviewing:

  • ICC/ANSI A117.1 - Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Andy Dykeman Developer
Craig Davis Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)
Eric McMullen Fire Marshal
  Building Code Structures Board Member
Gary Lampella Building Official, City of Redmond representing Oregon
  Building Officials Association (OBOA)
George McCart Designer representing Oregon Disabilities Commission
Jim Rimenschneider Engineer representing Structural Engineers Association of Oregon (SEAO)
John Rakowitz Public Affairs Director for Associated General Contractors (AGC)
Terrence Dieter Architect representing Intel
  Building Code Structures Board Member

Notices, agendas, minutes, and archived video
Public meeting notice and agenda - Revised Agenda Minutes Archived video
Public meeting notice and agenda Minutes Archived video
Public meeting notice and agenda Minutes Archived video

Meeting handouts and submitted documents
Chapter 11 Board Approved revisions
The following documents reflect language approved by the committee at their 7/12/11 meeting:
Proposed Chapter 11
Proposed Section 1007
Proposed Section 1111, cluster mailboxes
Proposed Section 3411

Submitted by Lisa Bennett: Proposed revisions for Option B, cluster mail boxes

Proposed Sec 1111 Option A & B
2010 OSSC Ch11-Revised 2010 ADA
2010 OSSC Sec3411-Revised 2010 ADA


Submitted by BCD - 2010 OSSC Sec 3411 ADA Revised, 2010 OSSC Ch 11 ADA Revised

Cluster Mail Boxes - Submitted by BCD:

Submitted by the public:

Submitted by BCD - Parking Matrix
Submitted by BCD - FHA Scope
Submitted by BCD - ADA Scope of Existing Buildings


Submitted by Oregon Support Services Association: Letter of support for Cluster Mailboxes
Fiscal Impact Questions for Codes
ADA Standards Goals and Outcomes

DOJ Revised 2010 ADA Requirements
2009 IBC Section 1007 Revised 2010 ADA
2009 IBC Section 3411 Revised 2010 ADA
2010 OSSC Chapter 11 Revised 2010 ADA
BCD Proposal

Public Proposals