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2011 Oregon Residential Specialty Code Committee

Code amendment proposals

Code amendment proposals were accepted by the division April 26, 2010 through June 9, 2010. The following is a comprehensive list of all public proposals received by the division relating to amendments for the 2009 International Residential Code through construction practices or methods, for possible adoption on July 1, 2011. An application number was assigned to each code amendment proposal to streamline the code committee review process.
Public code amendment proposals
  Proposals Code Section
13R & AP101
  ORSC11-02 G2421.3
  ORSC11-03 R602.10.1.1
  ORSC11-04 R501.3
  ORSC11-05 R313.2 & R313.2.1
  ORSC11-06 R313
  ORSC11-07 R303 & M1507
  ORSC11-08 M1507
  ORSC11-09 R303 & M1507
  ORSC11-10 R303.3.1
  ORSC11-11 R315
  ORSC11-12 N1101 (withdrawn on 8/25/10)
  ORSC11-13 N1105.
  ORSC11-14 R302.2 (withdrawn on 9/9/10)
  ORSC11-15 R302.6
  ORSC11-16 R602.9
  ORSC11-17 R802.5.1
  ORSC11-18 R703.6.3 (withdrawn on 7/28/10)
  ORSC11-19 R506.2.3 (withdrawn on 8/25/10)
  ORSC11-20 R502.2.2.1
  ORSC11-21 R502.2.2.2
  ORSC11-22 R502.2.2.1
  ORSC11-23 M1601.4.1 (withdrawn on 8/10/10)
  ORSC11-24 M1701
  ORSC11-25 R703.10.2
  ORSC11-26 M1305.1.3
  ORSC11-27 R802.7.1
  ORSC11-28 M1305.1.1
  ORSC11-29 G2439.5.1 (614.6.1) (withdrawn on 8/25/10)
  ORSC11-30 G2445.8
  ORSC11-31 R703.8 (withdrawn on 8/25/10)
  ORSC11-32 R703.7.4.2 & R703.7.4.3
  ORSC11-33 R703.6.3 (duplicate, same as 11ORSC-18)
  ORSC11-34 R311.3.2 (withdrawn on 6/30/10)
  ORSC11-35 R311.3.1 (withdrawn on 6/30/10)
  ORSC11-36 N1101.1(2) (withdrawn on 8/25/10)
  ORSC11-37 R307.1 (withdrawn on 6/30/10)
  ORSC11-38 R303.8
  ORSC11-39 R703.9
  ORSC11-40 R301.2.2.2 (withdrawn on 6/16/10)
  ORSC11-41 R301.2.2.3 (withdrawn on 6/16/10)
  ORSC11-42 R302.4.2
  ORSC11-43 R319.1
  ORSC11-44 R401.4
  ORSC11-45 R305.1
  ORSC11-46 R314.4 (withdrawn on 6/30/10)
  ORSC11-47 R302.11
  ORSC11-48 R312.1
  ORSC11-49 R312.1
  ORSC11-50 R313 (withdrawn on 7/14/10)
  ORSC11-51 R315
  ORSC11-52 R601.3
  ORSC11-53 R602.10
  ORSC11-54 N1101.1(2) & N1101.1(3) Revised
  ORSC11-55 R105.2
BCD staff code amendment proposals
  BCD-1 Garages
  BCD-2 Congregate Living Facilities
  BCD-3 Family Child Care Home
  BCD-4 Lodging House
  BCD-5 Residential Hangars
  BCD-6 Code Change CO Detectors
  BCD-7 Appendix N
    Memo submitted by BCD to the Residential and Manufactured Structures Board on 12/08/10: Carbon-Monoxide (Appendix N)
  BCD-8 R703.1
  BCD-9 R703.8
  BCD-10 Code Change Fire Sprinkler Trade-Offs
  BCD-11 Appendix S Local Ordinance Fire Sprinklers
  BCD-12 Appendix T Residential Fire Sprinkler Standard
  BCD-13 Alternative Systems Analysis Chapter 11
  BCD-14 Part III Fenestration Chapter 11
  BCD-15 Flood Plain Chapter 1
  BCD-16 Deck Exemption (withdrawn on 8/25/10)
  BCD-17 Lighting
  BCD-18 Table R602.10.1.2(1), Bracing requirements based on wind speed