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Table of Contents


What Is The Fee Adoption Process For A Municipality ?

What Is The Adoptive Date ?

What Is Required In The Notice To BCD ?

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Isnít This Process Just for Municipalities Raising Fees ?

When Is The Public Notified Of Proposed Fee Adoptions ?

Whatís Next ?

Does This Complete The Fee Adoption Process ?

What Happens When A Municipalityís Fee Adoption Is Appealed ?

What Documentation Do I Submit Following An Appeal ?

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How Long Does The Appeal Process Take ?

How Do We Find Out The Results Of The Appeal ?

What Happens If The Fee Adoption Is Not Approved ?

Does A Municipality Have To Refund The New Fees ?

How Does A Municipality Obtain A Waiver ?

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Author: Richard J. Baumann

Home Page: http://www.bcd.oregon.gov