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New Installations: Contractors

I am a contractor installing a new boiler/ pressure vessel, what are the steps for activating a permit and scheduling inspections?

In order to install a boiler/ pressure vessel or regulated piping system, the steps regarding installation permit(s) and inspections are as follows:


Submit a Request to Purchase Boiler/Pressure Vessel Permits for Installation, Alteration, or Repair to the Division. One permit is required for each boiler/pressure vessel installation unless multiple boilers/pressure vessels are delivered/installed on a single skid from the manufacturer; then one permit per skid is required.  The boiler program tracks projects by the permit number assigned to each application.


Complete all the applicable information on the permit application:

If the installation is by a welded means, the installation company must be the holder of a valid National Board "R" stamp.  If a boiler installation is by non welded means and the non boiler external piping is installed by a welded means, the installation company must be the holder of a valid National Board "R" stamp or the holder of a valid Oregon "O" Certificate for the welded piping installation only. 

Non welded installations do not require the "R" stamp or the "O" Certificate, but do require a boiler business license. All licensed mechanics performing the installation must be listed on the permit.


Fax, mail or deliver the permit application to the Building Codes Division. The Boiler Section will review the application; and if all data is correct, approve the permit, assign an inspector and return the approved permit to the installer. 

The installer must contact the assigned inspector to obtain approval prior to commencing work. The inspector will advise the installer what "hold points" and inspections will be required depending upon the type/size of boiler/pressure vessel or regulated piping system being installed, method of installation and complexity of the installation.  The inspector will verify installation personnel are properly licensed.

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