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Boiler Operation & Maintenance Requirements

Attention: Boiler Owners & Users

The Building Codes Division in cooperation with the Boiler Board would like to inform you about your responsibilities as a boiler owner/user. The enclosed documents are a compilation of three boiler codes (ASME Section VI, VII and CSD-1) that set the operational and maintenance requirements for both high- and low-pressure steam and hot-water boilers. These requirements are not new, but concerns were raised that boiler owners may not be aware of their obligations and the safety risks posed by improperly maintained boilers. The State Boiler Board convened a task group to develop these guidelines and to help boiler owners/users understand their responsibilities in regards to compliance with the code.
It is crucial that these documents reach those individuals responsible for the operation and maintenance of your boiler(s).

It is your responsibility as the boiler owner/user to ensure that the required inspections, maintenance, and operation standards are maintained. Either your employees or a boiler contractor can perform the maintenance of your boiler. A boiler inspector will verify that these requirements are being met during the regularly scheduled inspection.

Inspection Schedule:

- Boiler inspections alternate between an operational inspection and an internal inspection.

- For low-pressure steam boilers operating at pressures not exceeding 15 psi and hot-water boilers not exceeding 160 psi and/or 250° F, you are required to have an annual inspection by a commissioned boiler inspector.

- For high-pressure boilers exceeding the above requirements, two inspections per year are required by a commissioned boiler inspector.

- The cost for these inspections is included in the operating permit fee.


If a boiler fails to meet minimum safety standards, the inspector will issue a yellow tag (not an immediate hazard), which compels the boiler owner/user to comply within 30 days. If the condition is an immediate hazard, a red tag will be issued and the boiler will be shut down. The same inspector who issues a yellow or red tag must clear the tag once the corrections have been made. A return trip to clear the tagged boiler will be charged at a rate of $66.00 per hour travel and on-site time. As you can see, there are significant safety and economic advantages to adequately maintaining the operation and maintenance standards outlined in the enclosed documents. Please note that if a commissioned insurance inspector conducts your inspections, any inspection charges are included in your insurance premium.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mike Graham, Chief Boiler Inspector, at 503-559-0843.

Boiler Maintenance Requirements

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