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Code Clarifications and Corrections

2010 Oregon Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code (OMDISC) Code Clarifications (listed by section)
1-4.2 Work Exempt from Permit. The following editorial change is necessary to provided consistency with this section and Chapter 10.

1-4.2(7) Patio and porch covers not over 200 square ft. and supported by an exterior building wall in area.

3-2.6(2)(b)(A) The language speaks of U-bar attachments shall be at 11 feet on center. This also applies to the expansion bolts, looped rebar, and any other acceptable anchoring point. The point of the paragraph is that the anchoring is required to be at 11 feet on center and within 1 foot of each end of the home.
3-3.2 Special Snow Load Conditions. The federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards have identified Oregon's roof snow load to be 20 pounds per square foot. The authority having jurisdiction may not require manufactured dwelling to be built to a greater roof load standard. The OMDISC is designed to support up to a 30 pound roof load. If the home is built to a higher roof load, you must set and inspect the installation to the manufacturer's installation instructions.