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Manufactured Housing Installation, Consumer Assistance, and State Administrative Agency (SAA) Program
How to Become an Installer

Oregon Revised Statutes 446.395 states:

…no person shall install a manufactured dwelling or cabana without first obtaining a license…

*please note that this includes skirting installers, masons, and vertically poured perimeter enclosures

Oregon Revised Statutes 446.400 states:

…the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, with the approval of the Manufactured Structures and Parks Advisory Board, shall establish by rule (OAR 918-515) a procedure for the licensing of individuals…

How do I become licensed?

To become a licensed as a manufactured dwelling installer, limited installer, or certified manufactured home installation inspector, you must first attend the two-day class, and then pass a written examination (limited installers need not take the examination). Individuals being licensed as limited skirting installers need only attend the first day of the two-day class.

The Building Codes Division and the Oregon Manufactured Housing Association (OMHA) will provide classes and testing throughout the year.

Licensing Requirements
To become licensed or certified you must:
Step 1

Submit an application for installer license along with proper fee to the
Building Codes Division.

$55 for installer license view/print PDF form now
$22 for inspector certification view/print PDF form now


Building Codes address:

Building Codes Division
P.O. Box 14470
Salem , OR 97309

Point of Contact:
Marilyn Mohler

Step 2

Attend an installation class. Registration can be made by sending

seminar location and dates and $100 fee to:

Oregon Manufactured Housing Association
2255 State Street
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 364-2470

Other Information
  • Class registration opens at 8:00 a.m.
  • Classes start at 8:30 a.m. and run until 5:00 p.m.
  • Registration must be received two weeks prior to the class.

  • Lunch is included in the registration fee. Refunds will not be issued after the class date.
Requirements for Installer Certification Tags
  1. Licensed Manufactured dwelling installers and limited skirting installers installing manufactured dwellings, cabanas, tie-downs, ERB's and skirting shall affix a Division-issued Certification tag to the manufactured dwelling, cabana or skirting upon completion of the installation, and prior to inspection by the authority having jurisdiction.
  2. Certification tags may be purchased in bulk by licensed installers, manufactured dwelling dealers and limited skirting installers. An application to purchase certification tags shall be submitted to the Division in duplicate and accompanied by the appropriate tag fee.
  3. Only licensed installers and licensed limited skirting installers may be assigned certification tags by the dealer or Division. Certification tags shall be affixed only by licensed installers and licensed limited skirting installers upon completion of the installation.
  4. The person purchasing certification tags from the Division shall be responsible for their security, use and reporting.
  5. The Division may sell a maximum two- month supply of certification tags to a manufactured dwelling dealer based on monthly installations and certification tag reports submitted to the Division.
  6. The Division or a manufactured dwelling dealer may issue a maximum of 30 certification tags to an installer at one time and a maximum of 30 certification tags to a limited skirting installer at one time.
  7. Certification tags assigned to licensed installers and limited skirting installers can only be transferred by the Division. Tags are not refundable and are void when not affixed to the assigned manufactured dwelling or cabana.
  8. If an installer or limited skirting installer license is suspended, revoked or expires, all unused certification tags assigned to that person shall be returned to the Division.
  9. If a manufactured dwelling dealer is no longer in business or changes ownership, all unused certification tags assigned to the original dealer shall be returned to the Division.
Installer Tag Questions?


Please Contact

Installer Tags
P.O. Box 14470
Salem, OR 97309-0404

Phone: 503-373-1257
Fax: 503-378-4101