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Structural Interpretations

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Rescinded Structural Interpretations
Issue date Subject
03/04/2016 Permit requirements for replacing rooftop mechanical equipment
09/02/2015 Low frequency alarms in sleeping areas
08/12/2015 Craft Distillery Occupancy Classification
12/11/2014 Certificate of Occupancy - Issuance under Alternate Administrative Paths
11/20/2014 State Building Code Scope - Retaining Walls
11/03/2014 Safety Glazing In and Around Tub/Shower Enclosures
11/03/2014 Alterations and Application of the 25% Disproportionate Cost Limitation
01/02/2014 Agricultural Building Exemption
11/08/2013 Accessible Requirements-Church Baptisteries
9/25/2013 Classification for Adult Education Classrooms
7/25/2012 Fire Alarm Design in Health Care Facilities - Public vs. Private Mode
8/23/2011 Section 1006.3 Emergency Power Illumination in Warehouse Applications
5/10/2011 ORS 455.315 (1) and (2) Agricultural Exemption Application to Wineries
4/12/2011 Power Actuated Fasteners in Concrete/Suspended Ceilings
7/01/2010 Construction Requirements for Suspended Ceiling Systems
4/02/2009 Automatic sprinkler requirements in F-1 woodworking operations
8/13/2008 Use of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
7/09/2008 Equine Exemption
8/22/2007 Replacement of Existing Glazing
5/15/2007 Stacked Decks
1/16/2007 Expansion of Malls of Type V Construction
6/02/2006 Sprinkler system installation in buildings with fire walls
3/23/2006 Establishing Allowable Area
11/25/2005 Underfloor Insulation
1/21/2005 Occupancy Classification for Fire Stations
9/20/1994 Rational Design of Structures Not Using Conventional Wood Framing
6/03/1994 Product Approvals and Listing Agencies
6/01/1994 Railroad Right-Of-Way as Required Yards
4/29/1994 Acceptable Window and Door Sealing Methods
3/10/1994 Building Within a Building
11/19/1993 Toilet Room Moisture Proofing
10/01/1993 Structures on State, Federal and Other Property
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