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Technical Advisory Archive - Structural and Mechanical

BCD no longer issues technical advisories. We have archived the division's advisories for historical purposes only; all technical advisories were rescinded with the adoption of the 2005 OSSC.

Oregon Structural Specialty Code's HVAC efficiency requirements compared to ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1999 requirements Archive

Expansive, Compressible or Shifting Soils Archive

Earthquake Recording Instrumentation Archive

Acceptable Children's Dimensions for Accessibility Archive

Number of Required Decimal Places for U-Factor Requirements Archive

Acceptable Compact Fluorescent Exterior Lighting Fixtures Archive

Exemption from lighting energy code requirements for art accent lighting in galleries, museums and monuments Archive

Water Heater Replacement In One- and  Two-Family Dwellings I

Water Heater Replacement In One- and  Two-Family Dwellings II

Exterior Surfaces at Accessible Parking Spaces and Access Isles Archive

Accessibility at Freezer/Cooler Spaces Archive

HVAC Energy Conservation Performance Standards Archive

Classification of Infant Day-Care Archive

Smoke Detector Requirements for SR Occupancies Archive

Structural Plan Review of Buildings Containing Mix of Conventional and Non-Conventional Structural Elements Archive

Panic Hardware in Group E Occupancies Archive

Licensed Engineer or Architect requirements Archive

Accessibility Waiver Process Archive

Detectable Warnings at Vehicular Areas Archive

Accessible Parking Requirements Archive

Bathing Facilities Archive

Elevator requirements Archive

Accessible wall switches and circuit breakers Archive

Fair Housing Act Overview Archive

Alterations - 25% Disproportionate Cost Limitation Archive

Indoor Air Quality Archive

Concrete Foundation Walls Archive

Various Chapter 11 Sections - Clarifications Archive

Seismic Site Hazard Investigations and Reports Archive

Shading Coefficient of Windows Archive

Cleanout Opening Size in Masonry Construction Archive

Landings at the Top of Ramps Archive

Visual Alarms Archive

Using Appendix Table A-29-A Archive

Licensed Engineer or Architect requirements in general and for design of "Significant Structures." (Revised February 17, 2000) Archive

Accessible number of units in self-service storage facilities Archive

Compressed Insulation in Pre-Engineered Metal buildings Archive

Foundation Wall Design Archive

A Occupancies Located in Basements - Specific vs. General Requirements Archive

Fire Blocks in Combustible Constructions Archive