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Displaying posters

It doesn’t have fancy graphics or catchy slogans and it doesn’t need an expensive frame, but our Job Safety and Health poster does have information that your employees need to see and understand. It summarizes the rights and responsibilities you and your employees have under the Oregon Safe Employment Act.

Here’s what you must do with the poster: Post it where your employees can see it and keep it there. The poster also comes in Spanish. If you have some employees who speak English and others who speak Spanish, put up both versions.

If someone offers to sell you one, don’t buy it. You can print the Job Safety and Health poster from our website or we’ll send you one at no cost — contact our Resource Center.

Other posters you may need to display

  • If you’re cited for a violation, you must post the citation for at least three days — or until the violation is corrected.
  • If you’re an agricultural employer who produces food crops, you’ll need to post our Field Sanitation Notice. If you have labor housing, you’ll also need to post an Agricultural Labor Housing Registration Certificate where employees can see it.

Learn more about our posting requirements: See our Posting requirements webpage.





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