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Looking for hazards

Looking for workplace hazards is something that all your employees can do. They should be aware of unsafe practices and they can watch for hazards such as missing equipment guards and poorly maintained or defective equipment. Require employees to report hazards immediately to you or someone else who can act on the report. Employees who report hazards need to be kept informed when and how the hazards will be controlled.

Of course, our compliance officers are looking for hazards, too. The rules below are cited frequently in small businesses such as yours.



Manufacturing and retail

  • Hazard communication – 1910.1200
  • Personal protective equipment, general requirements – 1910.132
  • Portable fire extinguishers – 437-002-187
  • Powered industrial trucks – 1910.178
  • Respiratory protection – 1910.134

Forest Activities

Learn more about frequently cited hazards: Use this Top 25 violations report to find the most frequently cited rules in your industry.



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