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Our rules

Our workplace safety rules are organized in six divisions.

  • Division 1: includes rules that apply to most employers.
  • Division 2: includes rules that apply to most employers – except employers involved in construction, agriculture, and forest activities.
  • Division 3: includes rules that apply to most construction employers.
  • Division 4: includes rules that apply to most agricultural employers.
  • Division 5: includes rules that apply to shipyards, marine terminals, and longshoring. Federal OSHA enforces these rules.
  • Division 7: includes rules that apply to forest activities employers.

Compliance is about following rules, but what do you do if you don’t know which rules to follow? Here are three suggestions:

  • Ask your insurance carrier for help. Your carrier can explain the rules that apply to your workplace and work with you to develop a safety and health program.
  • Request an Oregon OSHA consultation. Our safety and health consultants can help you identify workplace hazards and show you the rules you need to know to keep your workplace safe. Use our online Consultation Request Form to request a consultation.
  • Identify the hazards at your workplace. The more you know about what hazards put your employees at risk, the easier it will be to determine which rules to follow. Think about the hazards your employees are exposed to in work processes, equipment they use, and how they will respond to fires and other workplace emergencies. Also, see our Quick guide to the hazard assessment for general industry.

Learn more about our rules: Our Rules page links you to all of our rules, including our proposed rules and our recently adopted rules.



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