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Our services

> We offer the following services at no charge:

  • Consultation. Safety specialists, industrial hygienists, and ergonomists in our Consultation section can show you how to reduce accident costs with innovative approaches to safety and health management. Contact our Consultation section: consult.web@oregon.gov
  • Education. We offer workshops and online classes for employers and employees. Contact our Education section: ed.web@oregon.gov
  • Conferences. We host occupational safety and health conferences statewide where safety professionals, employers, and employees can share their ideas with nationally recognized peers. Contact our Conferences section: oregon.conferences@state.or.us
  • Enforcement. Our Enforcement section inspects workplaces and investigates serious accidents – but it also offers pre-job conferences and hazard abatement assistance to employers. Contact our Enforcement section: enforce.web@oregon.gov
  • Technical specialists. Our technical specialists write the safety and health rules for our construction, logging, agriculture, and general industry standards. They can answer your questions about our rules and help you understand how those rules affect your workplace. Contact our Technical section: tech.web@oregon.gov
  • Publications and videos. Our publications are easy to read and cover many safety topics. Our video library has hundreds of videos that you can check out and there's no charge when you return them on time.
  • Scholarships. Our annual Workers' Memorial Scholarship is open to students, GED recipients, and recent graduates who are dependents or spouses of workers killed or permanently disabled by on-the-job injuries. Apply for the Workers' Memorial Scholarship through the Oregon Student Access Commission.
  • Recognition. If you're an employer who's dedicated to safety excellence, our Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) and Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) will reward your effort. Both programs commit you to achieve outstanding safety performance and reward you for your efforts.

Get what you pay for! Did you know your workers' compensation insurance carrier must help you evaluate your workplace for hazards, explain the safety and health rules that apply to your workplace, and work with you to develop a safety and health program. All at no charge — but you must request these services.

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