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Training for safety

If you're an employer, you must train your employees in the safety and health aspects of their jobs.

  • New employees must be trained to do their jobs safely before they begin work for the first time. They should have orientation training that covers your business safety policy, workplace safety rules, hazards, and procedures for responding to emergencies.
  • All employees must know the Oregon OSHA requirements that apply to their jobs, their safety responsibilities, what hazards they could be exposed to, and how to prevent exposures. They must be retrained whenever there are changes in the workplace that create new hazards.
  • Supervisors must know the hazards, the hazard-control methods, emergency procedures, and applicable Oregon OSHA requirements that apply to the workplace.
  • Keep a record of each employee trained, the type of training, the training date, and the trainer.

Learn more about training for safety: See our Training webpage and our online guide, Be Trained!




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