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DFCS Customer Service Initiative

To provide our customers and colleagues the best customer service possible! To achieve this, DFCS will enhance the customer service element of our mission, ensuring that our activities are completed in an accurate, timely, professional and respectful manner.

Customer Service Expectations of DFCS Employees

Accessibility – a live person is always better than voice-mail.
Listen actively – ask questions and seek information before problem solving.
Responsiveness – respond to customer or colleague requests quickly and accurately.
Accountability – take responsibility for making mistakes--seek solutions rather than blame.
Effective communications – communicate clearly and concisely verbally and in writing.
Respect – treat each customer as you would like to be treated.

Customer Service Standards (These standards may not be applicable to examiners)

Telephone communications:
DFCS is to provide a “live” person to answer the (503) 378-4140 line from 8-5. All division staff have an option that transfers calls to the front reception desk.
Employees are to return calls within 24-hours.
Employees are to update voice mail messages to reflect availability.
Employees are to use the sign in/out sheet.

E-mail/Electronic communications:
Employees are to use the email vacation notification feature to notify customers that they are out of the office and cannot reply, or provide alternative means of contact.
Employees are to keep their electronic calendars up-to-date.
E-mails are to be acknowledged within 24 hours of opening.
Employees are to use the telephone or in-person communication for difficult subjects in which e-mail may not be appropriate.

Letters Minimum Standards:
Mail correspondence is to be answered within two weeks of receipt. Periodic updates are to be provided to the customer if a response takes longer than two calendar weeks.
Correspondence meets department writing and style standards.
Correspondence acknowledges the customer’s concerns and responds directly to the issue.
Writing is clear and concise. Active voice is better than passive.
Writing is free of grammar and spelling errors.
If a statute or rule is cited, it is explained clearly and commensurate with the audience.

Specific Customer Service Expectations of Managers:

Identify key customer service positions.
Ensure a customer service component is included in new employee interviews.
Ensure a customer service component is included in position descriptions.
Ensure a customer service component is included in performance evaluations. Managers should evaluate employees on their efforts to meet department customer service expectations.

How are we doing?

To ensure we are achieving our goal of providing excellent customer service, I invite you to contact me at david.c.tatman@state.or.us.

Thank you,
David C. Tatman